Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ripping Out the Kitchen Sink - Warning Graphic Before Pictures

Wow, it's a bit hard to look back on this.  The old cabinets had certainly served their purpose but, well, their days were numbered.  Some of the drawers were completely missing and the dishwasher was plugged into an empty spot by the sink.  No matter that there was a 9 inch gap to the wall.

By the way, for those of you who know that we don't drink, the beer was left over from the renters, honest.

Everything was gutted down to the original plaster walls.    My husband's face really says it all here.  About this point we really were wondering what the bleep we were doing.  Such an amazing mess.  (If you happen to be the city inspector checking this out, this was a simple  repair and replace in which no electrical outlets or plumbing was moved.  Nothing to be inspected here. There, you have my word on it.)  

Things are beginning to take shape here.  He looks a bit happier doesn't he?   Lucky me, my brother-in-law is a professional cabinet installer (among many other talents you will see later on) and he did a fantastic job on the install.  The original window casings were saved, stripped to the bare wood and repainted.  Really one of my favorite parts of the kitchen.

Here is another view of the same window on the left and looking into the pantry.   

..... to be continued, the sink  and countertop choices in the next post.  

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