Monday, March 19, 2012

Kitchen Sink Included

Ahh, much better.  The countertop and sink have been installed.  The kitchen is usable once again.

...and  a side view looking toward the pantry

The countertops are a simple black and white granite.  They were purchased prefinished  and  cut  to fit on site.  What a cost savings that was.  I checked the receipt again, less than $1,000 for the entire kitchen!

What is a farmhouse without a farmhouse sink???

Don't you love this sink??  Ya me too but, listen don't always get what you want.  Remodeling is all about compromise.  Because we went with stock cabinets there was no way to fit in the apron front cabinet with the available space, so said the guy at Home Depot where we ordered the cabinets.  

Compromise, ok I can work with that.  Here is my version of the farmhouse sink.  I picked this up for a song at the local plumbing specialty store.  I asked to see what they  had in their "bone yard" of returned items and found this gem of a fireclay sink.  

Honestly, the undermount sink is probably a better choice for the space I have.  It gives a cleaner look in the small area. So I am consoling myself with the thought that the apron front sink is a bit of a trend that will look dated in a few years.  Probably completely untrue but the thought lets me sleep at night.

Pottery Barn
was the inspiration for the lighting.  The three glass pendant lights and also the ceramic light over the dining table came from PB.  So farmy.

Lets take a look back shall we?



Hmmmm, I probably didn't need to label those for you?

The last project to finish up this area will be some type of minimal window treatment.  Probably a 1/2 way up wood shutter or possibly a cafe curtain to add some color and mask the lovely view of the garage.  9/10th's there!


  1. I have been reading through all your posts and I think you have done such a wonderful job on an old farmhouse. I love the wraparound porch and that staircase is amazing! We live in an old farmhouse, too, so I can truly appreciate what you have done.

    Thanks for all the inspiration.


    1. Thanks! You are so sweet to wade through all my posts. So funny you commented on this post. I've been eyeing the window treatment in your kitchen for a week and I thinK I now know what to do to finish off the sink area. Thanks for the push in the right direction.

  2. Your remodeled kitchen is absolutely beautiful. I love your farmhouse and can't wait to follow you along on your remodeling journey.

    1. Thanks so much! These old farmhouses are so much more work than building new, but worth it when you get to the after part. It's great to find a fellow lover of these old farmhouses.