Saturday, March 31, 2012

No Great Room Here

What you won't find in this old house is a great room.  One of those soaring two story open kitchen, dining, living areas. You'll find a great room in almost any of the  self respecting MacMansions of today, but not here.

Ah, sigh! 

But what you will find is a good sized room for an old house that seems to get the job done.

There is an assortment of all kinds of furniture from just about every room in our former house.  

I even rescued those two white chairs from the basement.  I had totally forgotten about them, but it feels like all the pieces are getting along and playing nice in the new living room.

Every once in a while something turns out the way you planned.  This London Shade turned out to be everything I was hoping it would.  

Although the picture sure didn't.  I have soooo much respect for all you great blogger photographers.  Please tell me it will get better if I work at it, please!

Now is a good time for the more sensitive readers to STOP.

For those who are up for a few graphic before pictures, carry on.....

There it is all that wallpapered loveliness.  Although we had to rip off the 1970's paneling to find it. 

Aren't the old window casings about the coolest thing about old houses?

Well, we may not have one of those amazing Great Rooms so we just call it our
 "Pretty Good Room".

Do you have a great room in your house?


  1. Oh, don't short change that lovely room! I think it looks great! And I have an old house too. To create a "great" room would involve moving some load baring walls. So instead we added a first floor family room off the back. For the kids. The very same kids who insist on crowding in with me in our tiny living room!

    Oh well. Best laid plans ...



    1. Don't you hate it when gravity gets in the way of your plan? Thanks for the kind words!

  2. Love your blog. Just started following you! I love this room! So cozy. We just bought a 1987 farmhouse (not so old but very, um, dated). We are planning on moving there in about 5 years ( I want to now!) and we'll be adjusting to rural life too. Can't wait! Looking forward to seeing what you're up to!