Sunday, March 25, 2012

We Have Mooooooved

It's a short one block from Main Street to the cow pasture.  My house is right in the middle, so when I caught my neighbors on their way to check a cow that was about to give birth I had to tag along.

With just a few steps to the pasture I quickly spot the new born calves. Some a few days old, one just hours old and another about to make an entrance.

 Standing behind the fence with binoculars I watch breathlessly as things unfold.  The mommy cow has been struggling on the ground but stands up to reveal a tiny head and hoofs on their way out!  Then we panic as we realize the hips appear to be stuck.  This baby calf is between two worlds; the safety of his mother's womb and the peril of earth life.  He will be experiencing the next world if he doesn't complete the trip and get the birth sack away from his nostrils soon.

Brown cow about to give birth

After what seems a long time the mother gives a final push and we cheer as the calf drops to the ground.  His airway is cleared and a new life begins.

The Newest Member of the Herd
(Taken with a bad camera by an equally bad photographer)

I try not to contemplate the purpose of his life or what his fate may be in a couple of years.  For now I just marvel at witnessing the  miracle of birth.  Thanks Dan and Colleen for sharing this unforgettable experience with me.

We're not in the city any more, these things never happened in my old neighborhood.  We may have picked up our belongings and put them in a new house, but I am the one that has been moved.  Moved by the realness of the people here and the closeness of the community and the extraordinarily ordinary things that happen here everyday.

Oddly enough I am on my way to a BBQ at my brothers house.  Seeing how a hamburger begins has created a  twinge of guilt as I think of that thick juicy patty waiting on the grill for me.  Suddenly the thought of a vegi burger is pretty welcoming.

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