Saturday, May 5, 2012

If Windows Could Talk

This one would tell you it was ready to retire.  Ready to be some place safe and warm.  Free from the work of keeping the elements out of it's building.  

But it has worries too and window would tell you it wonders how its building is getting along.  

The building that is just two blocks away on main street.  

Window was one of a triplet of upper story windows.  If the number 2 penciled on its side is any clue, it must have been the middle child.

But life for window changed dramatically when my husband bought this building.   One terrifying day he removed the window casings to make way for new windows and our old window wondered what would become of it.  

Window would tell you it thinks fondly of the old days when the building was new.  It spent many happy days watching the towns people hustle in and out of the general store.

The winters were hard but window had a perfect perch to watch the summer parades as they went by.  There are many things window can't tell you on this blog about things that happened when the building was later converted to a bar and dance hall.

The entire building was thrilled when its beautiful artistic advertisements were repainted several years ago.  There was hope that the building would live many more happy years.  

But the inevitable happened and the 21st century came to this building.

It's a bit sad to see the building chipping, cracking and crumbling away.  A gentle reminder that time marches on and takes no survivors.

Just exactly how long this grand old building will grace our main street nobody knows.

But a part of its history will be preserved in our kitchen and the window will hold some new memories.

If windows could talk, this one would tell you it will never ever forget its eventful past or the building it once belonged to...


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  1. What an absolutely beautiful window! It looks just right in your kitchen and I love the chalkboard.