Friday, April 20, 2012

Outside my Door

I was recently checking out Linda's post at It All Started with Paint about where she walks and then I saw a similar post on KariAnne's blog at Thistlewood Farm. So now I'm doing a post about places I walk.  I think this clearly establishes me as a trend follower.  It turns out there is a Walk it. Pin it. Win it. contest going on through April 25th.  It involves Pinterest and Twitter though.  Since I haven't become Twiterpated yet and I'm still pinning on my Pinterest diapers you'd better check out their posts (linked above) if you are interested.   

But it really got me thinking about why I don't take better advantage of all the great places I have to walk.  If you step just outside my door and look right you see the beautiful farm scene above.

Walk to toward the pasture and turn right again and you're on this path.  My twin nephews are taking advantage of a nice Sunday twilight.  Their older brother has run on ahead and is probably at the lake by now checking out the jumping fish.  It's just a ten minute walk .  

The path was an old railroad track that has been converted into a walking path.  If you go in the opposite direction of the lake you can walk for 26 miles (thats a marathon folks) to the most amazing old mining town.  I only know this because I've seen the maps and sadly, not because I've walked that way.

There are miles and miles of pastures and cows, cattails and little streams. 

 Well you just never know what you are going to find.  You've got to keep in mind that horses use this path too.

So what am I doing?  I'm sitting in front of a computer writing a post about walking that's what.  But the day isn't over yet and I intend to get out there.  Just as soon as I return a few emails, and finish editing some photos and maybe text my sister-in-law about how cute the boys are!


  1. I've read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting.

  2. thanks for stopping by to visit me. I am your newest follower. Your kitchen turned out wonderful, and your Grandma's ice box is such a treasure!

  3. Oh it's so beautiful there! It looks a lot like MN, but it's very FLAT here. You're lucky you have some hills and mountains there. Your walking paths look great. And what cute twin nephews! I'm a twin too :)
    Take Care, Erica

  4. walk isn't near as pretty...but maybe one of these days I should snap some photos??? Might put it in a new light for me...looking for the beauty :) Thanks for the visit!! Laurel

  5. Oh, and make sure your nephews wash their hands too! What a lovely place to walk ...



    1. No kidding, their mom will probably die when she see that pic!

  6. Hahahahaha :) Linda you crack me up! Lynn....what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL place to walk! Thanks for making me smile! I am going to forward this to my sister!


  7. This is an incredible place to walk! Thanks for sharing and helping promote the contest. I'm going to pin this on our board!


  8. I wish I didn't live in the city. My dad grew up at the Olive farm that my family still owns. I spent countless summers there and loved it!!!