Thursday, May 3, 2012

Copy Cat Painted Rug

Ta, da, I've got a new painted rug in my upstairs hallway.  

But it never would have happened without this cool tutorial from Linda at it all started with paint. Doesn't her porch just make you want to stay and hang out??

She has a ton of copy ready projects just waiting for you so be sure and check out her project's tab at it all started with paint..

Here's a little  color inspiration...

...and then some paint.  I just love popping open a paint lid and letting the possibilities out. 

I  marked out the entire area and rolled it with a barely there gray.

I was so excited I could hardly wait for it to dry so I could put on the yellow.

After it's dry it is time to mark the inner border.  This is the point where you will realize its a geometric impossibility for your inner squares to be square.  You hit the internet looking for gray and yellow rugs to cover up the mess you have made......recheck your original calculations....  wonder if you are smarter than a fifth grader......

.....go look for a fifth grader to help that all the kids are in school....... back to the internet for more rug shopping....... look at your math one more time and figure that if each square gives a half an inch it will all work out.

 Hey that really ought to be on a bumper sticker for this campaign season.

Once you get past the inner squares debacle, the outer stripes line up pretty easy.  I used 2" painter's tape here.  I found that my quilter's ruler was helpful in getting the lines straight.  I also held down the ruler on the tape when I tore it to give a nice clean tear.  Then just paint your second color, in this case yellow.

Now you are running down the home stretch.  Tape out the inner and outer border and paint with a darker color.  Then go back and stencil in the diamonds.  That's about it unless you want to add a coat of polyurethane to protect it.  I think I will let it wear a little first.

There's a rug that won't bunch up, but I can't guarantee that I won't trip.

Here are a few more shots of the spiffed up new hall.

Just a word of warning, if you try this paint project  you will most likely end up with at least one blue-tape-mistake ball, even if you've got a sixth grader at home.

What's next you ask?  Glad you asked.....I've got a quilt inspired wall hanging planned for the stair well using these fabrics.  Kind of a new take on the hanging quilt idea.  Hope it will be ready to show next week.  

Thanks Linda, I love my new hall!


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  1. Very cute and love the painted floors. Oh how I wish I had an old house with such character. I'm trying to make my new house look old, haha.

  2. Lynn,

    I'm just blown away. When I look at your rug it's like deja vu! I just love the color combination you chose. It's turned out fabulously. And thank you so much for the shout out ...

    I'm definitely going to FB share and pin this post. And a tweet too (though I don't have many tweety followers yet).

    And now I have to rush back to my blog and make sure my "Projects" tab is up to date ...



  3. This is just fantastic...I love the yellow and blue. Not easy but well worth it! great job!


  4. It looks fabulous! And I'm just dying to know... did you paint your wood floors and if so, what are your thoughts? Your floor looks very similar to ours upstairs. We are in the process of refinishing (one room down, two to go) and it's a dirty job to say the least! I've thought about painting some of it but I wasn't sure if I was ready to paint over the potential the wood has. The hallway looks beautiful and I can't wait to see your quilt hanging.

  5. Love it! Decorating and math...who knew?! Can't wait to see the quilt inspired wall!

  6. Love! The "rug" turned out amazing!

  7. woo, hoo! That looks awesome! I have thought about doing this. still in the thinking stage. You are so cool to give it a shot, and it came out so nice!

  8. Now THAT is a really, really cool idea. I love how it turned out and I can't wait to see your quilt project- xo Diana

  9. That looks absolutely amazing! I really like Linda's painted rug and your painted floor looks so fabulous (great colors, too)!


  10. This is unbelievable. What a fantastic job you did! So much inspiration out here and it is fun to be a copy cat, especially with your own fun twist.

  11. Oh my gosh Lynn this turned out darling! I have been loving all the grey and mustard that I have been seeing in fabric stores lately. The design is great and you did a fabulous job. I painted a rug on the floor in our playhouse at our previous home but don't think I would have thought to do it in my home. I love it! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup!

  12. You did wonderfully. My hubby had painted a "rug" on our kitchen floor in our old farmhouse and I always loved it. :)

  13. Oh, I love your painted rug! You did an amazing job. Your whole landing is beautiful. I think I'm going to have to copy your idea of propping the stained glass window instead of hanging it. Love that!
    Mary Alice

  14. Such a beautiful job! (Newest follower). I'm off to see the rest of your blog.

  15. Laura from Top This Top ThatMay 18, 2012 at 9:45 PM

    love how your rug turned out. also the color combination !! newest follower to see what else fabulous you have planned!

  16. Jenny@daysofchalkandchocolateMay 19, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    Congratulations! You're featured today! Thanks for linking up!

  17. Fun idea!!! We have dark laminate flooring and every now and then I think about painting it.... I haven't got the guts to do it though... wonder how it would look!!!?????

    Denise @