Monday, May 21, 2012

Hey, Did You Water the Stove?

My grandma was a saver, my mom was a saver and I confess I must be a saver too because this old stove has somehow survived three generations of garage hoard clean out days.  

Although I think we all hoarded for different reasons.  

Grandma because she might need it someday.....  

Mom because it might be valuable.....

...and me because its rusty goodness might look cool somewhere.  

One day it dawned on me!  I finally understood the true engineered purpose of this stove's design.  Round flower pots fit in round stove burner holes!  

It makes a perfect place to pot up a few of these.  What a stroke of stove designing genius.

 Ultimately this planter will adorn our not-ready-for-prime-time-still-under-construction front porch, because no country porch is complete without at least one non-functioning appliance.  

For today it was drug into the light of day for a photo shoot by our old gnarly tree.

But the best part of this whole repurposed appliance plan will be when my grown daughters worry that mom may have had a mini stroke when I tell them,  "Sorry, got to run, it's time to water the stove now".

Hmmm, I wonder what reason my daughters will find to turn this rusty old stove into a fourth generation hoard?

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  1. What a cute flower display this makes! Just Beautiful!

  2. Well this is just the most awesome up-cycle I've seen in a good long time -- finally, I have a purpose for the three stoves we have in our pole barn. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best, Lynn.

  3. How fun! Can't wait to see it on your porch. :-)

  4. I love it! I love it! I love it! I have an old range that I am moving around back to plant! Hubby thinks I am nuts- Methinks he might be partially right.

  5. This looks great, you're right, round holes are for round pots.

  6. You are too clever ... and funny! Love the idea of no country porch is complete without a non-functioning appliance adorning its planks ...



    1. You know I love this. I'm so happy you linked it up to our Great Outdoors party! And I have to pin and FB too ...



      (And happy to see you have the email sign up up ...)

  7. Lynn, love this and your sense of humor. A perfect fit! Don't forget to water the stove! ~ sarah

  8. That stove is so cute! And I love, love, love your photography!

    You are amazing.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Lynn this is so very cute and COOL! thanks for sharing with the newbie party. Your photos are pretty spectacular too.

  10. Cute post, and what a great idea you had for the stove. Now aren't you glad you "hoarded" it?

  11. Great idea! I absolutely love the look of that old rusty thing with some fresh greenery sticking out of it. Wish I'd thought of that. I just found you through Debbiedoo's Newbie Party. I'm one of your latest followers and a fellow newbie. I hope you'll stop by and check me out sometime.

  12.! hoarding is a special talent...embrace your talent! you did awesome.

  13. YES, YES, YES!! I do believe this is my favorite! Definitely going on my Pinterest!!

  14. if ever some day your daughters don't want it, i'll be glad to hoard it for you!!! makes me want to go looking for one!!! following your blog now!

  15. Get the heck out!!!
    I so love this.
    Thanks for sharing

  16. I love your old stove,
    it is beautiful.

    Well done on the lovely display.


  17. Hahahaha, I am the proud owner of many 4th generation hoards. lol I am in love with the stove planter. Thank you so much for sharing at our party!

  18. Adorable! Love the little stove.

    Stopping by from the Outdoor Extravaganza. :)

  19. this is absolutely AWESOME!!! love it and it looks incredible! thanks so much for sharing at the mission possible linky party! sending hugs...

  20. AWESOME post, and wonderful yard feature. I love your stove. That is genius to put pots in the holes!!!

  21. I LOVE IT!!!! What a great way to use that ole stove! Your family sounds a little like mine :) I am so glad you came by Rustic Restorations Weekend and linked up this lovely post! Have a great weekend!

  22. Great post title and story. I come from a family of 'savers' too... so nice when it comes to decorating with rusty old goodness! :)

  23. my friend is a hoarder too... my family is not... so I might just have to ask her if I can take her old stove off her hands...she hasn't found a home for it yet and its setting outside her garage just waiting for a good inspiration to hit.

    by the way this is just adorable. I would be very tempted to plant something in the bottom door that wont stay closed :)

    Misty in WV