Friday, May 18, 2012

Miss Popularity: A House Tour

Do you remember that girl in school who was always a little prettier than everyone else and maybe just a bit more popular too.  

Remember how nobody wanted to stand right next to her on class picture day because somehow your flaws seemed bigger when she was around. Maybe you were that girl?  In which case you should double stick around because this story is for all of us, and it really does have a happy ending.

I've got one of those pretty girls right in my neighborhood only this time it is a beautiful house.  The darling of our town. Everyone knows exactly which house you are talking about when you say that "cute house on Main Street" .  It's this perfectly proportioned victorian on the corner just before you turn to our house. 

 I have to admit that by comparison our rather plainish farmhouse seems even more plain.  It's kinda rough that our house has stood next to Miss Popularity every picture day for the past century.

But remember when you got to know that pretty school girl on the inside?  You found out you had a lot in common.  You both thought the same boy was cute, and you liked the same kind of pizza.  She turned out to be really nice and friendly and you couldn't be mad at her any more because she was so pretty.  In fact you turned out to be great friends

I jumped at a chance to get to know Miss Popularity on the inside and see what we might have in common.  

The first thing I noticed was this stunningly beautiful staircase...... 

..and I couldn't help but see how very much it has in common with our staircase. 

"Staircase at Our House"

...and how alike the window casings are...

....and how we are almost certain they were all made by the same artisan.

The original fireplace is still there .....

......and alot of the original hardware too....

I learned that there is a rather sad reason so much of this house has remained in tack.  The lady of this house became a widow much too soon, before they had children.  She was a school teacher and lived here alone.   She cared for the house from early in the last century until fairly recently. 

A look at the perfect original wood floors would tell you that she must have loved this house very much.   

There are exactly two upstairs balconies that are worthy of Juliet...

...and someone's favorite vintage dishes have been frozen in time, embedded in the kitchen backsplash.   

This cheery upstairs bathroom would definitely perk you up in the morning.  

But I have saved the best news for last.  That's right this charmer is for sale!  So you don't have to hate this house because it's beautiful.  No, you can buy it.  All you've got to do is go to this MLS listing and click the "Buy it Now" button and we could be neighbors by tomorrow afternoon.  (Well the agent has a few papers for you to sign too.)

If we become neighbors I promise never to bring up the fact that your house is a lot (34 years) older than our house, because that would just be catty and I'm so over it!

Now that I know how nice this beauty queen is on the inside, and how much it has in common with our house, and all the history it holds I just might have to start calling her  Miss Congeniality!

Thanks for tuning in!


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  1. Hi Lynn, oh girl beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, the Victorian is a beauty, but your farmhouse is so cute! Why didn't this go on sale three years ago when I was looking for a home? I would love to be your neighbor! Fun post and I loved all of the pictures!

  2. The Summer Kitchen GirlsMay 19, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    What a great post....loved every minute of it! Just so happens that I live two doors down from "the Castle" in my neighborhood....and everyone is always so googily over it...geeez!! Oh well ~ what's a girl to do!!

  3. Thanks for the tour... one of my favorite things is looking inside old historic homes! (Just ask my husband... I've embarrassed him a couple times before by asking somebody if I can look inside their house!) This place is amazing, but to be honest, I like your farmhouse best. :-)

  4. Robin from highpointcircle.blogspotMay 19, 2012 at 8:51 AM

    What a cute post. You're a couple after my beach house tour on Common Ground. I love house tours! Thanks.

  5. What a wonderful post! I love that the two of you are now friends! Just gorgeous homes. Thanks also for stopping by my place and thanks for your comments!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. What a beautiful home but I have to admit I'd buy a farmhouse if I had a choice. Love your home and can't wait to see all you have planned. The kitchen is wonderful and the butler's pantry makes me envious.

  7. What a wonderful story Lynn, thank you for sharing it and taking us inside Miss Congeniality! The bathroom is awesome. Can't wait to see more of your house too.

  8. I love this post! Miss Popularity is wonderful, but so is your farmhouse, too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  9. Very enjoyable, entertaining post. Thanks for the tour.

  10. What a delightful post! Lynn, I'm so happy to have found Upcountry Olio. Love your writing style! It's a real joy to visit. ~ Sarah

  11. Lynn, what a great post! I loved looking at this house ... your home is quite charming too!

  12. Your home is so lovely. Really like the front photo! I love all the special touches, have such an eye for detail. Thanks for the tour up! :)

    real estate in the philippines

  13. You house is sweet and lovely. The other house is grand for sure and I love that it still has so many original features!

  14. You're a feature this week with the most page views! Thanks for linking up your pretty houses!

  15. Oh gosh that house is just lovely! we have those same locks on our doors LOL

    And let me tell you, its a bit weird to live in THAT house that everyone knows. Trust me. ;)

  16. I really hope and pray the new owner of the home does not change a thing.

    I have to also say that your house is very beautiful...maybe not a large and grand but beautiful

    Misty in WV