Saturday, May 26, 2012

Second Chances

WARNING:  This post may be a little sappy for some of you!

You almost never get another chance to do something right the first time.  About the only place I know of where that happens is in the game of golf. If a golfer hits a shot that goes wrong it can be declared a "mulligan" and it's like it never happened.  Everyone just looks the other way and it doesn't count against your score.

But I'm pretty sure you don't get a mulligan husband, as in the first one doesn't count I want a do over.   If you don't get it right the first time (as some of us don't) you've just got to hope that someone else will be willing see past your mistakes and give you a second chance. 

5 years ago today I found someone who believed in second chances.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have found such a loving, patient husband in the middle of life.  
(Oh, gross, sorry I don't know how 
that kissy picture got in here...)

But when you really think about it, every day can be a new beginning and a chance to get it right the first time that day.  Maybe we should learn something from the golfers.  Maybe some of the foul balls we hit in life really are mulligans.  We should let them go and try again.   I think that idea is right on par! 

Second chances?  I'm all for them, both receiving them and giving them.

...and  JJ, just in case you read my blog today, Happy Anniversary Baby, got you on my mind....all the time.  

With love and sappiness forever,



  1. OH- What a happy, sappy, wonderful, I-love-it post. Congratulations on your MULLIGAN. I am MOST happy that he doesn't have a MULLET! xo Diana

  2. Beautiful post. Happy Anniversary!!!! Hugs, Marty

  3. Awwww, that was very sweet:) I met my 2nd (Forever!) husband 5 years ago on May 19th, we've been married for 2 years now and I feel very lucky also:) Happy Anniversary!

  4. Well thanks for making me cry, Lynn. At least they're the good kinda tears. I love this post. I didn't get marriage right the first time around either. It's like the scarlet letter hanging around my neck. But my current husband (I don't plan to have anymore) is near perfect for me. And he's a golfer ... so I understand the mulligan thing, which made this post all the more meaningful for me. Thanks for sharing this ... love the photo of you sticking out your tongue! Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

  5. Nothing wrong with a little sap every now & then! Happy Anniversary!

  6. oh, that is so cute! And I don't mind kissy pictures! lol! Happy anniversary!


  7. Hello doll! I`m watching your blog for a while! do you wanna follow each other? kisses

  8. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

  9. Lynn,

    I think this is one of my favorite posts! What a wonderful tribute to your husband!

    Happy Memorial Day!


  10. lynn - i think that's very sweet. i'm praying for the same thing in my life.....

  11. You look like such a sweet couple!