Friday, June 1, 2012

Antique of an Antique Shop

A few Saturdays ago my daughter and I wandered into the next town over in search of this old antique shop we had heard of.  We found it pretty easy,(the town has about 3 streets).  We imagined this old barn holding all the treasures of antiquity!

But when we got a little closer we could see it was locked up tight with this old Wells Fargo about disappointment!  

Well if I'm going to be locked out of the most amazing hoard of farm stuff nobody wanted, I want it to be by a lock like this.  

So we had to settle for a few shots of the outdoor piles...

....I think the kid snapped up some pretty nice pics here...

Right next to the shop we found a sign directing us to the "Tiny Ass Ranch".  I can't wait to find out what that is all about??

Oh, we'll be back...with a vengeance next time. 

From what I hear the shop is only open occasionally, randomly, almost never!  But that old lock will only be able to keep us out for so long.....

Thanks for tuning in,



  1. How cute!! Maybe you have to make an appointment?


  2. Oh- I love it! What a great place -the old barn is just wonderful...too bad it was all locked up- How weird is THAT?!? Now, the Tiny Ass Ranch...hmmm...I don't think they would let me in if you have to pass THAT test! xo Diana

  3. yer killin' me!!! take me with you when you go there again!!!! that place has got some rusty goodness!!!!!! i'll have to post on my blog someday about the time my sister in law & i "stumbled in" to someone's HOME when we THOUGHT it was a STORE!!!!!

  4. WOW!!!! I feel like I am watching an episode of American Pickers! Can't wait to see part 2!!!! : ) sending hugs from your newest follower : ) the early riser!!!

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  6. oh my goodness, that pic with the rusty truck shell on the building is priceless. great photography! bummer the barn was all locked up.

  7. I know all too well the feeling of excitement about exploring a new antique shop, only to find it closed upon arrival. But you got some great pics of all the stuff outside. Looks like a great place and that lock is amazing.
    Mary Alice