Monday, June 25, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cones

Almost everything in life can be made better if you add a few sprinkles.  Waffle cones are no exception.  I really love these brightly colored cones but I'm not a big fan of the price they charge at ice cream stores.  


So a few years ago I invested in a waffle cone maker.  They are a lot of fun to make but a bit time consuming.  One day at a family party when I was admiring my stack of home made cones, someone asked me, "Did you know you can just buy those at the grocery store"?  No I did not!

Wow, she was right!  You can get a dozen for $1.98.  It's really the way to go....unless you want chocolate cones.  I still use my waffle maker to make those because I've not found those in the store yet.


See those kids on the box?  They look pretty happy to me.  I don't think they would be any happier if they knew mom/grandma made them herself.  So you can just start out with some store bought cones, your favorite sprinkles and some chocolate chips.  I used white chips here.  

Melt the chips in the microwave.  Start out with 30 seconds then stir.  Add a little more time until it stirs easily.  Go slowly and be patient.  It can scorch if you let it go for too long. (I did that and had to start over, that's how I know).  1 minute total should be about right.  

A half a bag of chips was enough to easily do 6 cones. Then roll the cones in the melted chocolate.  Use a spoon to help smooth it out and get all the edges covered.  


Roll the chocolate covered cones in the sprinkles until you get the coverage you want.  Put them in the freezer to set up.  

...and Voila!  You have just made someone's day!


Just add ice cream for a complete meal!

Enjoy today!

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  1. What a great idea! Wow, I may have to try that this summer!

  2. Great idea - I want to see your countertop!!

  3. Super idea! I just may have to make these for the 4th!

  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO making these my friend!!!! thanks for sharing !!!! can't wait to hear if you make some of the dog treats -- i hear the neighborhood dogs will water your plants if you do : ) LOL!!! hugs to you UP COUNTRY!!!

  5. They look great, love they way they make things a bit more fun:@)

  6. Oh yum! I love waffle cones, and yours are perfect all dressed up the Fourth of July.
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments, Mary Alice

  7. It's just after 8:00 in the morning, but I really feel the need for some ice cream. This looks fantastic! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment at Quirky Vistas!

  8. Hi Lynn..
    What a fun thing to do!

    Love the sprinkles too.

    Smiles :)

  9. Everything is better with sprinkles AND chocolate!


  10. forget the ice cream! I just want the cone! please link this up to pin'inspirational thursday :)

  11. So festive looking....& being yummy just makes it that much prettier. Great idea to rev up some ice cream during these hot summer months. I love your blog & have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out all the details on my blog. Congratulations!