Friday, June 15, 2012

It's so Tweet

Friday is my favorite blog day!  It's the day I have set aside to show you around our small town and introduce you to  some of the people  that really make this place tick.  Teena is a real mover and shaker around here.  I met her while taking some photos of her milk barn last week.  But this little collection in her yard really sent me flying.  

If you are headed down the Hoytsville Road, and you were to slow down just a bit, you would catch a glimpse of this darling high-density birdhouse development. Unless, of course, you are the city building inspector.  In that case you can just hurry on by, nothing to see here...keep on a goin'   (pssst....this development just might exceed the spacing requirements but it looks so cute grouped this way).

These abodes for our feathered friends have been lovingly collected over the years by Teena. Her  birdhouses of a feather have weathered together over lots of years.  They have begun to take on the same characteristics and they really look like they belong together.  

And yet each one is so individual and tells its own story.  

I love how this one has grown its own mossy orange roof.  

This must be where the little "flock" gathers on the Sabbath?

Maybe the mayor lives here in this yellow one, it looks pretty fancy. 
I found so many treasures around Teena's yard.  To me, this little scene is the very essence of a country garden that so many city dwellers try to create.  It just seems to have happened so naturally here.  

It must have been a little birdie that told me why I found this collection so appealing.  It reminds me of the people of this town who have weathered through a lot together.  But each person is so unique and I have loved getting to know each one of my neighbors individually.  

This  birdhouse city in the country is really something to tweet about.  If I had any idea how to use my new Twitter account, believe me, I would be tweeting!

Enjoy today!

PS: A special thank you to At the Picket Fence for helping spread the word about Angel Flights

and The Brambleberry Cottage for the sweet feature on my wall quilt project! 

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  1. Those are so fun and eclectic and whimsical!!

  2. Wow, that is really awesome! It's a perfect birdhouse city and I love the country charm of it.

  3. Lynn-That is just so cute! I just love it-have always loved birdhouses and even more so in a setting like this one- xo Diana

  4. Cool, I just love the birdhouse city. A very cute country dwelling. Lovely post and photos. Have a great week!

  5. I love spotting yards like these. What fun. Your photos are fabulous! I like your Friday project idea...

  6. How delightful, what a sweet Tweet to see this series. Do any of the little birdhouses ever have occupancy, I wonder...

  7. This is really for the birds! Kicking myself that I just donated an old bird house collection - but a girl can't keep everything (or my hubs will call Hoarders anonymous)!

  8. Love this collection of bird houses wrapped in grapevines!

  9. Oh my gosh, this is thee cutest thing ever!!!