Friday, June 29, 2012

What's in your pocket?

I had never heard of a "Pocket Park" until this tiny snippet of vacant land on Main Street was put to whole new use.  A bite-sized park was created right in the middle of town.  It sometimes plays host to small outdoor music gatherings, but mostly it is a spot to sit and take it all in.   

In this pocket there is an interesting mix of modern sculpture and benches made out of old skis.  

But by far the most captivating trinket in this pocket is the old Chevy that is perched high at the back of the park.  

It seems a fitting symbol of the farming tradition that created this town.  

It was a hard-working, hay-hauling truck that served a local farm for many years.  

But it was fun to learn that it had occasionally shed it's work duties and been converted into an early form of a camper.  

It made me smile to think of the Robinson family taking some time away from the farm chores to camp out in the back of this truck.  

Taking  at look through the driver side window I noticed something rather ironic.  
 The old Chevrolet dealership is just right across the street.  

And I'm just the kind of person who has got to wonder if this was the very dealership where this truck was purchased in 1933?  It's seems this old Chevy has come full circle and is about back where it started.... minus a little paint. 

There aren't many trucks that get as nice a final resting place as this. 

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to our new parkette on Main Street.  I know it's really cute and tiny and you might be tempted to slip in your pocket and take it home with you. 

But we hope you will take only pictures...because we kinda like it right where it is!

Enjoy today!


  1. What a fun place! That old truck is amazing!!

  2. What an awesome old truck! The park is pretty cute too.

  3. I've seen quite a few little 'pocket parks'.... this one is just as cute as can be :)

    Smiles :)

  4. so cool. And you took some really nice pics!

    Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, here:

    yay you! ;)

    have a great weekend!


  5. Isn't that a sweet idea? We have a little pocket park just up the back street from our house- xo Diana

  6. I'm going to piggyback Lisha and award you with a Liebster nomination! What a very-bloggy-award-winning day for you :)

    I love stopping by your blog to read your posts and check out the latest with your farmhouse. You are doing some amazing stuff!!

    Check out my blog for the deets.

  7. Never heard of a pocket park. All those detail shots are great. I love the old truck and it's great that you got the dealership too!

  8. I have never heard of a pocket park either but it sounds like a wonderful idea to make little areas a lot more beautiful!

  9. I just nominated you for an award because I love your blog. Stop on over for the details. :) Angela