Friday, June 8, 2012

What's up with the milk barn?

I drive past this unassuming milk barn all the time but I've had a sneaking suspicion something was up with this place.  

I've seen furniture go in the back of the barn looking like this...

 ...and come out the front of the barn looking like this.

Well, it's probably none of my business but I just had to find out what kind of cows they have in there?  So I just showed up with my camera finagled an invitation for a tour inside.  

Imagine my surprise when I discovered there haven't been any cows near that barn for years?  Two of my neighbors have been getting ready for their summer furniture sale and they've got just about everything you could want.  

You like brightly painted furniture, they can help you out.  

How about some self-levitating chairs?   

Got those too in just about every color.  

Or maybe you are more of a pink girl.

Sorry, I got there first and if this chandy is going home with anyone it is going home with me.  So consider it SOLD.  

But this little cherub is looking for a home. Really they have everything in here.

Perhaps you have been dreaming of a brown plaid La-Z-Boy recliner...well, okay, I think I heard they were expecting a shipment next week, check back then.

But if by chance you have been looking for a hand carved mantel salvaged from the Governor's Mansion in Utah they can hook you right up.

Photo Source

"What? Are you kidding me"? 
 No, I don't ever kid about things of great historical importance take a look through there. 

It's the real deal.

Photo Source - Utah State Historical Society
There it is, the upper mantel piece of the Moorish Parlor.  (I guess the Moroccan fad has been around longer than I thought.)  This room was redecorated a  while ago and the architectural pieces salvaged.... 

...and this piece found it's way to the milk barn....

and into the milk barn sale that will be this month.

But if you just can't wait it is available prior to the sale here.

 Sorry for the onslaught of photos but this mantel is just amazingly beautiful.  The colors so are so soft and faded and this detail is unbelievable.

If this doesn't make you want a Hookah Bar in your house, well I don't know what will.  

Seriously,I can imagine this statement piece being used in so many ways.   

So that's what's up with the milk barn and I don't suppose I can ever call it unassuming again.  

I will most likely be the first one in line on sale day, flicking my fingers and saying "Open, open, open".

So, I just have one more question?  I really want to know what happened to the cows but nobody is talking!

Enjoy today!

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  1. Cows be gone, there's prettier stuff in town!!
    That mantel is beyond words amazing! I love, love, love that cherub too. He's so stinkin' sweet! You are so lucky to have found this place.

  2. What a nice surprise for you! Those are some neighbors I would love to get acquainted with!

  3. What a great find. And did you about faint when you saw that chandy?

  4. OMG, that mantel piece is unbelievable! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh- I always dreamed of going back to our old farmstead and opening a little shop in the old milk house. WOW! This one is AMAZING! I love that mantle and have never seen anything like it. I hope you go to the sale and take a lot more pictures- xo Diana

  6. What a great find! Just think if you didn't get the nerve up to ask for an invitation into the ole barn! I am your newest follower. I hope you can visit me sometime. I would love for you to come by and link this up to my weekend Linky Party called Rustic Restorations Weekend.

  7. Cute stuff. That mantle is very cool. Love the historical comparison.

  8. Although I appreciate the property is still being used and updated, I wish it was still a dairy farm! Great find and captures, Lynn. :)

    1. The cows are happier just down the road in a bigger barn.

  9. WoW, you found a gold mine or Tut's Tomb... I love the cherubs and angels. Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner. I will be following you too.

  10. Guess it pays to snoop - what a fabulous place to get your shopping on! That mantel is amazing and that pink chandy too (glad you got the inside scoop on it before someone else got their hands on it)!

  11. So this is Kathy one of this Vintage Market (which is posted above, known also as the milk barn).If you are in Utah or a reasonable drive from here, you can send your email to and she will put you on the list so you will know when we are having the next sale. This mantle from the governer's mansion is for sale now on for about $3,000 OBO. We are actually working at the barn this Friday, June 22 if you want to get in touch with Courtney and arrange to come in for a visit.

  12. Hi Lynn, So glad you stopped by Quirky Vistas and left me a comment because that's how I found you. I have enjoyed looking around so much and am now following so I can keep up with all you are doing. How exciting to find this barn sale! I'm so jealous. We just don't have things like that here, so I loved getting an inside look. Hope you'll take some more shots and share them after you go to the sale!