Friday, July 6, 2012

Henefer on Parade

How was your 4th of July celebration?    Did you ....
 put on your Uncle Sam hat and sparkly sun glasses? .....get splashed in a dunk booth? ....spit out some watermelon seeds on the grass?   ....put you hand on your heart when Old Glory went by?


Or maybe you went to a small town parade like this one in the nearby town of Henefer.  If you have never been to a small town parade you are missing out, but you can join us here.

 So exactly what do you have to do to get in the parade?  Do you need a fancy float or a marching band?  Not exactly what we are hoping for here.  Take a look below... 

Are you a boy scout with a proud walk and a deep respect for the flag?   That will get you the starting position.

You got a grandpa with a restored old tractor?  Your comfy spot in the parade is assured.   

Have you got a horse that can pull something?  That's always an easy in.

You got candy to throw and a boat?  Ya, that'll get you in the parade too!

These lovely ladies need no introduction! 

People, if you'd like to wave back with  that pretty parade wave remember to lead with the elbow then hand, hand, hand....on second thought maybe you should just leave that to Miss Summit County.  Nicely done ladies!

Have you got a bike with crepe paper woven in the spokes?  Well you'd better go join up with the city kids because there was not a single bike in this parade.  Around here kids have horses and boy do these lil' buckaroos know how to R-I-D-E! 
Can you play the drums?  Great we need some of those, jump in!

How about a cool old truck and a four-legged friend?  Nothing is more classic.
You got a cute smile?  You're in!


If your dad happens to own one of these big tow trucks, not only are you the coolest kid in your grade you also have an in for the highest spot on the parade route!

Of course you can't have a good parade without politicians.
 I'm not to sure what happened to the City Council here.   I wonder if the old debate over whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable broke out in the last meeting.  That always gets ugly!

Looks like they had to call an emergency session?

Let's hear it for Mayor Duane from the next town over!

In a small town almost anything can happen....and it often does.  Like having Pres. Obama head up the poo crew.   He's training for his new job come November?  (I'm just reading the sign)

What can I say folks?  That may look like a cow pasture out there but this is elephant territory.

So that about sums up our 4th of July celebration.  With the dry conditions in our area no fireworks are allowed this year.  There have been terrible fires that have affected 

this Utah blogger

and this one too.

 what do you do in the evening with no fireworks?

  Grab a handful of glow sticks, put them in your most powerful sling shot and blast them in the sky!  It looks pretty cool!

(You are going to try it aren't you?  You know you want to.)

Hope you had a happy and safe 4th!

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  1. I love your small town parade. We go to the one in a small town here in August. It can be 2 hours long because anyone that wants to be in it can. You see everything from a brand new limo to a John Deere lawnmower with a dog riding in a wagon- so much fun- xo Diana

  2. These are all great! Sounds like you had a great small town holiday!

    1. This little parade was the highlight of the day! Thanks for joining us...

  3. Small town celebrations are the best!!

    We celebrated our 4th in Mt. Pleasant...where surprisingly, they had fireworks this year.

    our town totally ROCKS the 24th!!
    Yippee-ti-yay :)

    Smiles :)

  4. What a great old time parade! Ours just has politicians in cars...boring!

  5. Hi Lynn, I grew up in a small town and the parade for our Strawberry Days festival was always the hi light of all of us kids. I remember mom would always buy us a new, Strawberry Days outfit. The pictures of your small town parade remind me so much of mine. Of course we had no fireworks or open fires allowed, but we still had a fun filled fourth. Love the glow stick idea. Our fire is finally out and people have returned home. The fire fighters did an awesome job and only one barn burned. Prayers were answered and we received good rainfall that lasted an entire day.

    1. Jann...I am so happy to hear that things are beginning to return to normal at your place!

  6. Love the schnauzer hanging out the window!

  7. How fun! I do love small town parades. Thanks for the laughs!

  8. Love it! Im from Henefer and I have been living in Germany for 3 years. Can't wait to go home for a visit soon.