Monday, July 9, 2012

Super Cinchy Bandana Pillow

I've been in the mood for an easy project this summer and I came up with this one.....


 .....a super simple pillow for my front porch.

1 - Grab a couple of bandanas, a 16" pillow form and some twine.  Press the bandanas.

2 -  Cut both bandanas into 4 squares being careful to cut right down the middle of the pattern

3 - Arrange them into a checkerboard pattern

4 - Sew two of the  pieces together with right sides together and press the seams toward the dark bandana. Then match the center seam and sew the two halves together.  

Don't worry too much if the edges don't match up perfectly.  You'll never see that after you tie it up.  See I told you this was cinchy.

5 - Press the long seam to one side (doesn't matter which way) and give the whole thing one more pressing.   Now just repeat these steps for the other side.

6 - Put the front and back pieces wrong sides together.  Cut a 3" slit all along the edges at about 1" intervals.

7 - Now you will  tie each of the slits in together with a square knot.  Make the first half of the knot then slide a piece of twine in.  Complete the knot including the twine.

8 - After you get three sides done  slide in the pillow form and complete the ties.

So that about  "ties" it up.

It's super, it's's the Super Cinchy Bandana Pillow! 

My front porch is just about dressed and ready to go for the big reveal!

Enjoy today!


  1. That is so pretty! I really need to learn to sew. Can't wait for your porch reveal!

    1. 4 little seams .... This is a good one to start on Gina!

  2. Very, very cute, Lynn! xo Diana

  3. Hi Lynn! this is the cutest pillow ever! Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  4. Hey i found you.....just read enough to know u moved from the city to country and doing a 1902 house...girl we have lots in common..uneed to scroll waaaaaaaaaaaay down my posts til you find the title: ANOTHER LIFE..about our adventure to PRIMITIVE WOULD be glad to share old house stories, ideas etc my email is or

    lookimg fwd to reading more here

    1. I am always on the lookout for a fellow restorer! We are an interesting bunch. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Cutest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.
    blessings to you.

  6. That is adorable! What a great idea. I really want to make one of these. I'm your newest follower from Debbie's Newbie party. :)

  7. The pillow has a nice graphic design on it and looks great!

  8. Adorable!
    Looking forward to seeing your porch reveal.

    Smiles :)

  9. awesome i love love love the colors

  10. Lynn,
    I love this bandana pillow ALMOST as much as I love my new tote and notepad that arrived from you today! I will treasure both. Thanks so much! (I hope you don't mind I posted them cause I'm so excited)

    1. Thanks Carolyn, I hope you'll have a lot of fun shopping trips with the tote!

  11. I've nominated you for VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD details here>

  12. Lynn,

    You need to open your own pillow shop what with your hidden zippers and super cinchy bandana pillow!



    P.S. Can't wait for the porch reveal!

  13. Your Bandana pillow is gorgeous. So are you the bandana pillow queen, cause it sure looks like you could be! I avoid putting in zippers, so good for your that you took the extra time. I also love the color. Looking forward to your porch reveal, it got to be beautiful! I'm a graduate of Debbie's Newbie party, so was wondering would you share this adorable pillow at Sunday's Best this evening. Sure hope so, to darn cute not to share!

  14. Way too cute and I adore the black and white!

  15. thanks for sharing..