Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vintage Market Finds

I'm lucky... I know. I blogged about my amazing discovery of the milk barn (aka vintage market)  here.  ...and it's just down the street.

But my heart about stood still when I discovered the market had set up shop for the day at the 4th of July celebration!  My husband tried to distract me by telling me Donny Osmond was about to get soaking wet at the dunking booth. But he failed at deterring me and I headed straight for the furniture display. 

I think he worries that I'd spend our entire retirement fund on furniture, but really who wants to retire without cute furniture?  Certainly not me.

Can you even believe that this cute pink chair didn't come home with me? 

Nor did this beauty....

...and these breadboxes will be going to another home too.  See I do have some restraint.


Although a few things have made their way to our place.  I decided to catalog all my finds just to prove I haven't brought home too much stuff.   

The only thing that came home with us on the 4th of July was this wire basket and old thread spools. 

But there have been other trips to the market.  How could I have left this adorable caddy. It's a perfect place to stash our silver pieces.

This medallion is a great investment and just waiting for me to decide which of five places it will work best. 

I got a brilliant idea on one trip to the market.  I thought I'd pick up something for the man cave just to prove how valuable a new addition can be.

Apparently, (if you ask the man of the cave) the cave was perfect just the way it was, although I did detect a little pleased look on his face when he discovered this rustic biplane on his shelf.

I've gathered so many great items for our new front porch, like these chair side tables and the rustic iron planter.


I don't think Donny Osmond himself could have talked me out of picking up this cute little grandkid-sized bench.  That little sign holder was a real steal too.

I'm sure to be lounging on this find well into retirement...

Here is my most recent buy for the front porch (it's red now too)

Ok, maybe I have gathered quite a few items for my collection.  Maybe I should explain to my husband that we need to make a decent nest for the nest egg. Well that only makes sense, right?  I'm still not sure he will totally get it.

One thing is for sure, if the vintage market continues it's success,these shop owners will be picking out their retirement villa on Maui!  I hope they won't be considering an early retirement any time is way too fun having all this just around the corner!

Enjoy today,


  1. Cute stuff Lynn. I hate talking retirement too, my motto, work hard and play harder!

  2. Fun finds- looks like a great market!

    Visiting from Savvy Southern Style and am a new follower!

    ~Ashleigh @

  3. Flea Market trumps Donny Osmond any day, even soaking wet. :) Such cute things.

    1. Ya, I'm so over least that's what I keep telling myself.

  4. Sweet finds! I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award - please go to my site to check out the rules / guidelines.

  5. Had it been Johnny Depp instead of Donny Osmond ... well, I think Johnny would've won out over the furniture. Love all your finds! Especially that darling little plane!

  6. What gorgeous pictures and a great place to shop! I imagine it's hard to not bring everything home!! You got some super treasures though. Glad to know I am not the only one that likes the same thing, in 47 different places. I do that too :)

  7. How fun! I love what you came home with... those spools are so neat!