Friday, August 31, 2012

County Fair Showdown

The competition was fierce this year at the county fair as the tablescapers young and old gathered at the quonset hut.   

 Step inside for a minute and see if you can spot the winner. 

(Have you ever been to an exhibit with someone who thought they needed to tell  you what you were looking at as if you couldn't see it for yourself?    Well I'm afraid I'm going to be that person today...tell me if get too annoying!)

This lovely beach theme setting has its own live-in fish. 

What dad wouldn't love this? He could work on the car between bites!

Oh, la, la the French do know how to dine.

OK I'll just quit talking for a minute and let you browse because I would probably just say something goofy here like "This one really takes me Up, up and away".

Really I'll just keep my mouth shut and let you enjoy.

...this one is just so pretty it needs one more pic.

 Hmmm, that looks familiar.   I think a certain blogger I know put this one together.

A nice round-up of tableware!

Who ever said popcorn isn't a complete meal?  

This darling bouquet of sweet violets was gathered by a tablescaper just six-years-old!  How sweet!!

So did you spot it?  The winner of the blue ribbon?  

The best thing about this competition....everyone gets a blue ribbon!

Although this very special tabletop was awarded the "Copper Plate".  I love all the rustic touches. 

Hmmmm, all these beautiful dishes but not much eating going on.  I think you have to go outside and find a hot dog that you can eat with you hands if you're hungry.

See you all back here next year where the competition just gets better and better!


  1. What great table settings. Did you think that one should have taken first place? It is kind of hard to tell without seeing them in person. Some of them really have a lot of personality- xo Diana

  2. How FUN! I have never seen anything like that. What lovely pictures. Will be sharing!

  3. looks like there was some major competition!

  4. What fun! I do love tablescapes and these are so creative!

  5. I would love to see a tablescape competition and I would LOVE to enter one:)

  6. We don't have a tablescape competition at our fair. It's sooo cute! Our fair is next month and we go a bit crazy entering things