Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Debbiedoos' Copy Cat Challenge

There are so many inspiring blogs out there.  Sometimes I'll find something that sparks an idea, and makes me want to do something similar with my own twist.

But this painted rug in my upstairs hall isn't one of those "inspired by..." projects. Nope, it's an all-out-copy-every-freakin' detail project.  All I did was change the color scheme. 

It all started with "it all started with paint" and Linda's great painted rug tutorial.  

You may have seen her porch rug, it's been featured all over blogland.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw it and knew a copy would be landing on my landing...

...and land it did.  Ya, ya I know, I've shared this rug and my tutorial before and how I ended up with a giant blue tape ball.  Sorry if you've already seen this.  

But this copycat is purring along because I love my upstairs hall makeover.  Thanks to Linda for sharing her amazing porch rug and to Debbie for hosting the super fun copycat challenge.  

Join the fun here....

Cat you later, 


  1. painted wood is awesome! as is everything else painted :)

  2. This is wonderful. I love it!


  3. Turned out great!
    Don't ya just love it when an idea turns in to a project, and that project turns out terrific??!!

  4. I adore that painted rug! Fantastic copycat, my dear.

  5. Well, copy cat or not- it is a great project and looks fantastic- xo Diana

  6. And you did a perfect job too Linda. I just adore it. Thanks for sharing with the copy cat party. Enjoy!

  7. What a great choice to copy! It was beautiful, but yours is AWESOME. The fact you see it at the top of the stair landing is perfect, and I love your colors! Nice!!

  8. It still kinda throws me off to see your amazing rug that looks like my amazing rug just with different colors! And thank you again for those amazing wonderful compliments and for the links and for sharing at Debbie's!



  9. I love this! May have to copycat your copycat!

  10. Wow, what an impressive project/copycat. I bet everyone is surprised when they go upstairs and see the floor! SO pretty.

    Linking from Debbiedoo's,
    Ricki Jill

  11. Really good job on the whole thing...and I adore your colors!

  12. So pretty ~ you did a wonderful job, Linda. I love the colors too!

  13. SUPER darling lady! Love the colors and pattern ;) Super job.