Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Garden of Weedin'

I think it's time I let you all in on a little secret.  Kind of a deep, dark, dirty little secret. Actually it is more of a weedy little secret at the moment. 

You see, as much as I like to play the dutiful farmhouse wife on my blog, (the small town girl who knows about watering turns and how to gossip at the post office and exactly when hunting season starts), there is actually a little more to the story. 

The whole truth goes nothing....we still have a house in the city! 
 Eeeek it's true.  

Well, if you haven't lost all respect for me, I can explain.  My husband and I were married about five years ago and bought a wonderful house near the city.  We did a lot of remodeling, moved in and called it home.  But the thought of his old farmhouse in the country kept calling to us.  So 18 months ago we packed up and began the remodel journey in the country.  

We rented out the city house when we left, but now the renters have moved to their own home..... but......the weeds are still here.  So that's where I have been for the last couple of weeks, trapped in the garden of weedin' with no internet connection.  I've missed out on a lot of your great blog posts, and link parties and commenting.  But the weeds are almost gone.  And looking around I forgot how much I like this city house and how many great projects we finished.  So while we are here I decided to share a few of our makeover projects on the city house.  

Here is the line-up for next week...

MONDAY:  Backyard makeover

TUESDAY:  Painting stripes in the diningroom

WEDNESDAY:  Fireplace makeover

THURSDAY:  DIY refinishing oak kitchen cabinets

FRIDAY:  Master bath remodel

MONDAY: Yard Makeover
TUESDAY: Painting Stripes in the Dining Room
WEDNESDAY:  Fireplace Makeover
THURSDAY:  DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
FRIDAY:  Master Bath Makeover

I can't wait to catch-up on all my favorite blogs, and return all your kind comments and get back to my blogging life. Thanks so much for being patient with me. 

So now that you know the truth about my weedy past, and the city house I left behind I hope you'll still see us through on our farmhouse revival. Someday I'm sure I'll be completely countrified, but until then it's been fun looking back on all we did when we were full-time city dwellers.

Hope you can join me next week at the city house, 

Sharing over at Jann's blog.

PS:  Our house is back up for rent if you are in the market for a place in Salt Lake City.  You can contact Key Renter for the details.  (How's that for a little shameless self-promotion?)


  1. Wow! Sounds like a lot of work, but I bet it will be beautiful when you're done.

  2. Don't worry- I'm a transplant from the city suburbs too... we still love you ;o)

    Can't wait to see all of your city house projects!

  3. WHY is is that weeds flourish in all conditions

  4. I can kill almost any plant/flower I get in contact with...but not weeds...

  5. Having two homes is a lot of work...while one can be thriving, the other may be a little shabby! We live in the city (Chicago) and have a year round home on a lake in the country. I can't choose which I like best, they both offer very different lifestyles!

    Good luck with the weeds!!


    1. We may end up in the same situation. I think I love them both.

  6. So, you're an impostor then? lol

    Your city house looks lovely, but my hands are aching just looking at the weeds. Have fun!!

    1. Ya it feels so good to finally get the truth out!

  7. I totally understand the "weedin" issue Too hot here to go outside. Stay cool
    blessings to you.

  8. Despite the weeds, your garden still looks lovely. Maybe you can add some stylish garden furniture to further accentuate it's beauty? Good luck with your projects!

  9. Two worlds are better then one -- wink!
    Looking forward in seeing your projects!
    I hate weeding TOO! grin.. I would love
    to just have a garden once again even if
    it means -- weeding..

  10. Oh the shame! haha! We still live in the city full-time and only get to the farm on weekends so I'm living two lives too. I love my city house but am so ready to be countrified!
    Your garden looks lovely even with the weeds. Looking forward to your posts next week!

  11. Lynn, you're lucky to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds! Is that a waterfall I see in the backyard? I work for a water gardening company (we manufacture pond products and distribute worldwide). I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts! Also, when you get a chance to come up for air, there's a house tour you might want to check out over at Vickie's blog, Ranger 911. Lots of historic home eye candy in Stillwater, MN that I know you'll enjoy!

  12. Wow..
    you have been up to your eyeballs in work!
    Hope that you are able to rent out your city house soon, and get back to diggin' in the country soil :)

    Smiles :)

  13. I can't imagine keeping up with 2 homes. I can hardly keep up with one! Looking forward to seeing the house you fixed up as a city girl. Hope it rents soon!

  14. I agree your yard looks great even with the weeds! Ilook forward to reading your posts this week on your projects.

  15. Okay now Lynn, if your city house is in S.L. where is your farm house? I didn't realize that you could be my neighbor. Your city home looks lovely and I bet it will rent quickly. Love what you did on the inside too. I am with you though the country life for me. Our home is not really in the country, just small town. Sometimes I wish I did live on a farm. Oh, if I was just a bit younger. Glad you are back. Always love to see what you are up to girl. Thanks so much for sharing with Share Your Cup and best of luck on finding renters. Wish I knew someone to send your way. Our daughters small home in Lehi just went back up for rent too.