Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Quilting Bee Luncheon

Gone are the days when my Grandmother would have her gal pals over for a quilting bee.  Her newly completed quilt top would be stretched across the frames and I'd have my cozy spot under the quilt to play for the day and listen to the gossip.  

Out came the thimbles and needles and happy chatter.

Someone would always say, "Now look at that mess I've made.  Those stitches are an inch long.  I ought to take it all out and start right over."  

To which the standard reply was,  "Now, now, that would never be noticed by anybody on horseback racing by, you leave it be".  

I think it was their kindly way of saying you're doing just fine, we don't expect perfection around here.    

At midday a little luncheon would be served and everything was as pretty as could be.
 But lunch was kept short and sweet. 

Then it was back to work and they all took their spots around the quilt.  When one section was finished, the quilt was rolled closer and closer to the center.  As the afternoon wore on, my play spot got smaller and smaller.  

They would work and chat and laugh until it was almost time for the menfolk to come home.  Then everyone had to rush back to get supper on.  

But it wouldn't be long before another quilt top would be ready and the stitching and gabbing and lunching would continue at the next house. A quilting bee is never really over.  

So I gathered up what I could find of my Grandma's Depression Era Glass, some mismatched silverware, a cross-stitched table cloth and a few of my fondest memories and created a place setting for the contest at our county fair.  

Those days from a simpler time may be gone, but a few of the beautiful quilts my Grandmother and the gals made have survived the years.  Sometimes when I curl up in one I can still hear the chatter, 
" Mildred those stitches look just fine....that would never be noticed by someone racing by on horseback...... "

PS:  I've got some fun photos of the county fair table-setting contest to share on Friday. The kids came up with some of the best ideas!


  1. I have never done a quilt!...but I can sew straight lines :)

  2. Hi Lynn..
    great idea for the table setting!
    It turned out so cute, too :)

    Good luck.. hope you get the blue ribbon.


  3. This is a cute post! I would have loved to have been sitting there with the ladies, stitching and talking! Your table is so charming...I hope you did well in the contest, this is a winner! :)


  4. What a great idea for a place setting! It looks beautiful. I love your story and hope you got to tell it at the county fair.

  5. Love the green clear dishes! I use to have something similar in harvest gold - back when everything was either avocado green or harvest gold. This green is very pretty, light and airy. Good luck with the county fair contest!

  6. Such pretty pictures! I love your depression glass!

  7. This is so sweet!!! You are blessed with wonderful memories of a Grandmother who enjoyed getting together with friends and sharing a talent! Those memories served as a great inspiration for very pretty tablescape!

  8. I love your story. What fond memories listening to the ladies chat and you were lucky enough to have been able to be surrounded by them. You will like my little tablescape in honor of my grandmother Ellen at Love those memories. You table is adorable and it's cool you got to set up at a fair.

  9. Loved this post! :) Both story AND photos....