Monday, August 20, 2012

Week in the City: Day 1

 You may wonder why someone who blogs non-stop about a farmhouse and small town life would bother to talk about a house near the city?  The truth is......I made a shocking confession last's true...we still have a house in the city!  This is the house we left behind.  

We are between renters right now and busy turning the yard from the Garden of Weedin'.....

...back into the Garden of Eden.

So while we are here for a week or so I thought I'd show you some of the projects we have completed at the city house. 

 (Ok I admit it, I still like this house just a little bit).

The backyard is a good place to start, it was by far the biggest project.  It started out looking like this, not bad, great view of the mountains, but we knew it could be better.  We were hoping to add a water feature and fire pit to compliment the mountain setting.  We also wanted to add more useable space to this steeply sloping yard. 

For some reason we decided to start the process in November? The yard quickly became a war zone, literally.  Those stonewalls made great bunkers and if you look closely you will see a few soldiers.  I think my nephews were pretty disappointed when a truce was called and the peace gardens were planted. 

Sometime around February the hardscape was in and it was time to test the waterfall.  That was a pretty exciting day to hear all that water rushing down the hill side. 
 It worked!  

We also didn't wait until Spring to try out the fire pit.  Although I think the neighbors thought we were half (maybe 3/4) crazy to be roasting hot dogs in the dead of winter.  I hope my little soldiers weren't suffering from a mild case of post-traumatic-stress syndrome.  

By spring things were looking pretty good.  The grass went in....

...and the planting began.  

By that next summer things had filled in pretty nicely and we were honored when some friends of ours decided to hold their wedding in the yard.  

So back to the future, here we are.  The weeds are about under control again and I've spent a little time kicking off my garden clogs and wading upstream.  

 But it's time to turn my attention to the inside of the house and see what's been happening there.  

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What's this house all about?

MONDAY: Yard Makeover
TUESDAY: Painting Stripes in the Dining Room
WEDNESDAY:  Fireplace Makeover
THURSDAY:  DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
FRIDAY:  Master Bath Makeover

Hope you can join us!

WOW!  A big thank you to Debbiedoo  and Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage for selecting the yard makeover for this amazing award!

You like me, you really like me!!!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous yard! and I love your view, as well!!

  2. Love the waterfall/stream. Oh heck, I love the whole yard. Very, very pretty!! Can't wait to see the inside of the house.

  3. Can i move in yesterday - I love yards like that!!

  4. What a great yard and view! Love what you did! Stopping by from Debbiedoo's Newbie party!

  5. It's beautiful! Your water feature and fire pit are both fabulous!

  6. Oh- It is beautiful. It must have been hard to leave it and then rent it out. Do you hope to return there someday? You have done a great job with the yard-can't wait to see interior shots as well- xo Diana

  7. What a beautiful home and you did an amazing job in the backyard! The waterfall is just gorgeous. I can see why you still like this house!

  8. I can understand why you still like that house.

    The house might be in the city, but you guys made it look very peaceful, and it backs up to the mountains.. so it feels more like a country home :)

    What a lot of work that yard had to have been.

    Looking forward to seeing all the other projects.

    Smiles :)

  9. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!! with a yard like that I would never leave...

  10. Just breathtaking Lynn...I LOVE IT!~ well worth all the hard work. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Wow, this is so wonderful and I can't believe that you rent it out because rarely would you find someone to take care of the yard properly! Beautiful.

  12. Wow, it is beautiful! Everything about it is awesome. I have to take another look at those gorgeous pics. :)

  13. What a gorgeous yard you have in the city house! There is no question of why you still like this house (just a little bit). lol

  14. Wow!! Amazing photos.
    I had to go back and take a second look.
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. awesome yard == I would spend a lot of time out there if not most of my time!
    I can hardly wait to see the inside...I'll be back..

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  17. beautiful!!!! OMG - - THAT's the CITY house???!!!!! that view looks SO COUNTRY to me!!! i've gotta get outta houston!!!!!!!! i'll move there & be your gardner!!!

  18. Oh man. Need a renter? I'm there.
    Absolutely beautiful job. Congrats on the spotlight!

  19. wow! what a beautiful water feature and back yard. Congrats on a job well done.

  20. Beautiful!!! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house! I'm a new follower!

  21. Holy Cow, saw this at Fox Hollow and had to come by. What a project! Such an oasis.

    And can we just commiserate a minute over how renters don't take care of the yard. We just took a week and went to visit the city where our rental houses are and by the last day my husband threw his back out from all of the work. Congrats to you for getting it back in order. :)

  22. Um, city house? I live in a city ... you know that Second City ... and I don't have mountain views in my backyard ...

    Just some condos and apartment buildings ...

    I guess it just depends on your definition of city and country, right?



    P.S. You city house yard is a masterpiece! Never crossed paths with anything nearly as fabulous in the back yards in the city of Chicago ...

    1. Hmmm, ya got me! If you ask my small town friends their definition would be, any time you can see another front door from your front porch you're in the city!

  23. So I have to ask, did you install the waterfall and hardscaping yourselves? It looks great!! Now I've gotta go catch up on the other posts you've written about this house. :)