Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Week in the City: Day 2

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Step right up, you are about to witness the "The Grrrrrreatest Show on Earth"?

At least that's the ballyhoo I get from my husband every time he steps into the city house dining room.  He says the stripes I painted remind him of a circus tent, but I am unfazed by his teasing. 

You're in luck though because admission to this sideshow is FREE today only!

Here is a look at the dining room when we moved in.  I have always liked a wainscot treatment but it just seemed a little top heavy here and the ceilings aren't very high.  

I was really craving a little pattern on the walls but at the time (2007) I wasn't quite convinced the wallpaper trend was here to stay.  I had slathered wallpaper all over my old house in the 80's and spent the decade of the 90's scraping and soaking it off.  So I wasn't ready to go there just yet (but I am now).  Painting some neutral stripes seemed like a good compromise.  

I started by painting the entire room the darkest color.  Then, using a level, I made vertical stripes down the wall with an alternating thin and thick pattern using 1 1/2" blue tape.  The thinner stripe was painted with the same semi-gloss paint as the moldings to give it a little shimmer.  The middle color paint was an eggshell finish.  

And now may I direct your attention to the center ring!   
The new chandelier has to be my favorite element in the room.  I do like a little bit of sparkle.   

So there it is, all cleared out and ready for new renters.  The dining room furniture has been tucked away in the basement and the room is an empty canvas.  But someday we'll be back to put all the finishing touches on this room.  

I do think it is a little odd that I almost picked up a clown painting on black velvet from an estate sale this weekend.  I thought it would be perfect here!  Maybe the circus music my husband hums every time he looks into this room has been working on my inner psyche?  But if you run across a miniature calliope let me know 'cause I'm looking;)   

You can catch a little peek at the kitchen through the door.  I'll be posting about it on Thursday.  Hope you can join me for more updates to the "City House".

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  1. Looks so fancy! I love painted stripes on walls!

  2. I love it, Lynn! The stripes really turned out beautifully. The chandelier is the cherry atop the sundae. Gorgeous!

    We may need to look into the fact that your husband & mine were separated at birth. lol The circus comment is, without a doubt, something my husband would have said.

    1. Oh no! Please don't tell me there could be two of them!

  3. I could never do stripes...is called patience...or lack of! Looks really beautiful

  4. This is just beautiful, Lynn! I know it must have taken a lot of time and patience but it was well worth it! And I love your chandy...it's perfect for this room! You did a wonderful job! :)


  5. I'm your newest follower! Your blog is so creative! Love the stripes. I've been thinking about doing horizontal stripes in hubby's media room, but haven't gotten my nerve up yet. Look forward to seeing your transformations!

  6. Well, I love it and I think it is perfect. I love the color, too. I know what a big job that is -we did stripes in my daughter's living room. However, to do a bit of "bite back" at your hubby's comment I think you should dress in a clown costume and be sitting in the room when he comes home from work....oh...and a monkey with a hat might be a nice touch, too. xo Diana

    1. If only I could find a clown suit in my color I'd do it, I really would!

  7. Another beautiful transformation!! It's lovely and the chandy is blingy perfection :)

  8. Really gorgeous! Found you via Fox Hollow Cottage and now I'm following you so I can keep tabs on your awesome little spot here on the web! {HUGS}Three Mango Seeds

  9. Okay Lynn, if this is a circus tent then I am the fat lady in the circus! lol! Seriously, I think it looks great. I know how much work it is to tape those stripes all off. Love the colors and that chandy is sweet as candy!