Thursday, August 23, 2012

Week in the City: Day 4

Have you seen those pictures of the US Presidents?  

The comparative photos where they show how they looked on the first day they took office and how they aged by the time their term was up.  

Photo Source
All I can say is it's a good thing I didn't think to do a before and after picture of myself.  I looked a little like I had carried the weight of the free world on my shoulders by the time the kitchen makeover was done.  It was a job worthy of a Head of State for sure.

I may have aged, but I think we took several decades off the age of the kitchen and brought it from circa 1985 up to maybe 2002 or even 2003?   Almost up to date.

I did do one very unpresidential thing on this project.  I balanced the budget!  By the time we got to the kitchen, the remodel appropriations had dried up.  Our kids threw a Tea-Party-Worthy fit when we tried to raise the occupancy tax on them;) 

 (Now they are out on their own and paying real taxes! Ha, ha, ha)

So I had to get creative and could only make simple cosmetic changes. My old friend paint saved the day. 

I wanted the kitchen to be as Country French as I could make it considering I was working with old yellow oak cabinets. I envisioned a gray on white look with the grain showing through. 

 I got pretty close.

This really isn't a cabinet painting tutorial, I didn't get any photos of the process.  Hey! I wasn't a blogger then and besides I was busy.  I had a whole Country to run, well, maybe just a soon to be French Country Kitchen to run. 

 Besides there is a fantabulous kitchen makeover and an even more fantabuloristic cabinet painting tutorial over at The Money Pit blog right here.  

(Sorry about those made up adjectives but there are really no words for how great this tutorial is)

When you find a tutorial that good all  you can do is piggyback.  The only step I added was to do a dark gray glaze after the final paint coat was dry.  

That final step added more gray to my hair than to the entire kitchen.  If you are really interested email me and I'll tell you how I did it.  

(Then I will talk you out of it,  you are far to young to go gray.)

The cabinets were originally knobless. 

Why did we do that in the 80's?  Did we think we could get rid of sticky, gooey knobs?
Instead we got sticky, gooey door corners.  

Which is worse? 

I opted for sticky gooey knobs and we added new hardware.  

A yard and a half of fabric was all it took for the simple window treatments and the old box light was replaced with can lights and pendants over the bar. 

 Just a little over $500 for the makeover,  
all accomplished without deficit spending!

I'd still love to change the countertops, add a backsplash and replace the old tile.  But I've got to figure out a way to enact a Blog Follower Tax to fund the project.  

So how about it? 
 Reelect Lynn for the kitchen Commander-in-Chief! 
 Vote for me!  Vote for me! 

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  1. Lynn, Your new kitchen is wonderful...hooray for paint. I believe in re-do's, not rip outs. You have made a beautiful kitchen. xo, Susie

  2. This kitchen is beautiful! I can't believe the transformations you've made to your city house!

  3. Amazing!!! With paint, I never would have known!

  4. You are so funny, Lynn! I think I sprouted a few gray hairs when we did our kitchen, too. I love the cabinets...great job! :)


  5. great idea in "knobbifying" (aka adding knobs) the cabinets!

  6. your kitchen is a knock-out - love the added touches too!
    I've done this and I KNOW what it takes --- and you can age in doing it - so beware blogger - wink! You did a fantastic job.

  7. I just love, love this kitchen! The cabinets are just the perfect color and the hardware is gorgeous! What an amazing job you guys did without going over budget!

  8. Good job!
    It's amazing what a little paint, some elbow grease and a ton of frustration can accomplish.

    Smiles :)

    p.s. thanks for the email.. I'm so glad that you enjoyed Bonnie's blog.

  9. Lynn- What a great kitchen makeover-budget friendly but making a huge impact. You did a wonderful job. Love the aging president thing. I actually think Clinton looks better in his after!;>) I must be getting old.....xo Diana

  10. Oh Lynn.. You need to hit the campaign trail with your hilarious posts. Although I would be a lobbyist for you staying right here in blogland and continue to entertain us with your political agenda.

    "Ask NOT what blog land can do for you, but what you can do for blogland!" ;D

    (and thanks for the shout out.) I love your pickled cabinets. They look so fancy!

  11. The power of paint wins the race again. Great job on the little fix up.

  12. Lynn this is gorgeous! You have earned every grey hair you have girl! Thank goodness for L'oreal. lol! Between oohing and ahhing I had a good chuckle. Thanks so much for sharing all of your hard work with SYC. Now going to check out the other posts that I missed.

  13. Great choice of hardware and I love the way the cabinets turned out.

  14. Do you have a how-to for the curtain?

  15. Do you have a how-to for the curtain?

  16. I need this curtain in my life!! lol Anybody have the how-to?

  17. I agree...curtain how-to PLEASE!!! Your kitchen is lovely!