Friday, August 24, 2012

Week in the City: Day 5

When they say you should take time to stop and smell the roses.....

....they are not talking about these roses.

 Really, you don't want to smell them.

So, what do you suppose was the thorniest issue in this makeover?
You guessed it, removing the rosy wallpaper.

My job was to visualize a new rose garden.

His job?

Make all my dreams come true!

Which he did! 

 I got my Cleopatra-like tub, and some little glass tiles too,

my own vanity with turned furniture legs,

and a completely new, rose-free bathroom!  

Because, after all, he had promised me life would be a bed of roses...

....I'm just hoping those old roses don't grow back!

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What's this house all about?

MONDAY: Yard Makeover
TUESDAY: Painting Stripes in the Dining Room
WEDNESDAY:  Fireplace Makeover
THURSDAY:  DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
FRIDAY:  Master Bath Makeover

EPILOGUE:  The recession may technically be over, but it isn't over for everyone.  I think we are like many families, caught with a home we have been unable to sell.  So what will become of this house?  For now it is back up for rent... we sit  and we wait. I know that I do miss my dear friends in the city neighborhood and I've made some wonderful new friends in the country.  It is uncertain where we will ultimately end up   but for now,  it's back to the farmhouse and all those unfinished project that are waiting for us there.

Hope you have enjoyed this little tour of the city house this week, I know I've enjoyed having you over!!


  1. WOW!! That was an amazing transformation!

  2. Much better.
    Nice to have a great helper!

    Hope your weekend is a great one!


  3. Simply lovely! What a relaxing atmosphere!

  4. I love everything you did, Lynn! The bathroom is serene and elegant.

    Have a great weekend! :)


  5. Whoa, That was rose over kill. I love the new and improved bathroom.xo, Susie

  6. Lynn,
    your bathroom transformation is gorgeous! What a great job! If only every good construction "boss" had as great a vantage place to over see his er, her crew as you did! Looks pretty comfy! Like that pic of you much better then the one with paint on your head!! I'm your newest follower and have enjoyed browsing thru, would love for you to visit me!

  7. Oh.My. It is never gonna be 1980 again! I sure hope those suckers don't grow back either! xo Diana

  8. How pretty, with the sheers and lovely chandelier.

  9. hahaha :) I feel your pain! We had to remove layers of wallpaper and it took forever! Your bathroom looks amazing!


  10. I love roses, but that was just a few too many. You're so cute girl. Loved the pic of you in the tub. The bath turned out lovely. Hoping you rent your home quickly. My daughter rented their little home in Lehi. Young couple moving in Monday. I think it will rent fast. It is certainly a lovely home.

  11. Wallpaper! Ugh! I used to have wallpaper in almost every room back in the day. Paint is so much simpler. Looks wonderful!

  12. hm, I love roses but not wallpaper. What was busy and overdone looking, now looks peaceful and serene. Good job! bye-bye green countertop as well. Really looks nice!