Saturday, August 11, 2012

With "Wreck-less" Abandon

What if you had a day with no consequences? What would you do? 

 A day where the normal rules just didn't apply. Stop lights couldn't stop you and throwing mud all over everything was fun. 

I really wondered what my inner wild child would do if I ever unleashed her as I watched these drivers break about every traffic law ever invented.  

Four of our very best friends from the city came and joined us for a decidedly small town event - 

the Demolition Derby

  We yelled and screamed and carried on like teenagers.  

But we're not teenagers any more and I really wondered if I still had a crazy side to me at all.  I thought and though about what "out there" kind of thing I might do on day where consequences didn't matter.  

You know what I came up with, the most wacky thing I could think to do?
Put a red T-shirt in with the white laundry!   

Really, that was it.  All this excitement happening just three blocks from where I live and that is what my wild child came up with.  

What has happened to me?  Has my inner beast been completely smothered by years of worrying about the mortgage, and the kids homework assignments and what to make for dinner every night?  

I guess that is just what happens.  The recklessness of our younger days turns into the "wreck-less-ness" of our maturing years.  We avoid collisions of any kind. In fact we even avoid bumps in the road.  Have you ever seen someone purposely avoid driving over a manhole cover just to save a little wear on the shocks? (That always makes me smile:)

My husband says,"It's called maturity".  Maturity is a good thing, as long as it doesn't stop us from taking a few chances and trying new for example staring a blog!

It seems my wild child is pretty tame and I could probably wake her up a bit. I'm not quite ready for an African Safari and I probably won't be piercing anything new. 

But I am going to start by shaking up my routine a bit.  Because tonight, for a change, I'm going to floss before I brush instead of after. 
 Oh ya, I'm gonna!! 

Do you still have an inner wild side?  
I'd love to hear from her/him in the comments!!  (Well I'd love to hear from your PG wild side, maybe PG-13)

Have a crazy day!


  1. I would be afraid to let my inner child out. My old teachers might track me down and recognize me through my misdeeds! I don't think I ever really grew up anyway- xo Diana

  2. Such a great post! In my social psych class in college the prof asked each of us would do if there were no consequences for a day. I said I'd pull a fire alarm pull, just because I've always wanted to know what it feels like to pull that little red lever!!

  3. LOL! I just love, love, love this post! And yes, throwing in a brand new red t-shirt with the whites sent shudders down my spine ....

    ... and I don't even do the laundry around these parts!

    I need to think on this one. I've definitely graduated to Wreck-Less status ...



  4. My wild side disappeared little by little and I blame it on my kids! lol
    As soon as I became a mother, I also became a chicken.

    I did do some things when I was younger that the thought of them frightens me now. Kind of like, "Oh God, what was I thinking?"

  5. inner child? I was the perfect child :)...or so I choose to believe... that car stuff is crazy!

  6. Darn Lynn, wish I could say I did. Even when younger I never could be a rule breaker. I was the youngest of 8 kids. Mom was pretty pooped by then. lol! Well, let's just say I had no curfew and I never got grounded. Never really was a rebel. If I was going to be late after closing at the Hi-Spot where I worked i would call and tell her. Hey mom, were heading up the canyon. She never said no. Guess I gave her no call to worry. Maybe it'll hit me when I'm 60. Granny gone wild. Gee, I only have a year to go. lol!
    crazy car stuff too scary for me!

  7. Totally still have that inner adventurist -- my mind still wants to dare to go but the more part of my brain keeps it real and calm. Is that what happens when you know pain really well and you don't want to add more - wink! Safer activities what I live for --inner child shall keep dreaming up places to go and out of the normal...and maybe I'll try'em or just maybe not -- wink!
    PS...the car crashing is NUTS.. I feel pain just looking at it - grin!

  8. Wild side.....hmmmmmm. My bucket list still contains a jump out of a perfectly good plane. Someday. Thanks for the wonderful evening. It was a blast!

  9. I must agree with Eva Mae, I always wantedto jump out of a plane... probably safer than the sidewalks in Coalville.. Thanks for the invite, we both enjoyed a great meal and evening with friends.

  10. My adventure list is always growing as I discover interesting places and people with unique hobbies or passions. I try to have a new experience to look forward to all of the time because it makes me feel more alive. Not all of them are huge, lifechanging events but they still keep life interesting. Today I changed up a pretty ordinary day by running errands near my son's football practice in a part of town that I had not really explored yet.

    I love quotes and my new favorite one is this

    " Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things that you once thought you couldn't"

    Many of my favorite experiences in life have been the ones I was very scared or intimidated to try. Half the battle is showing up and you just need a few seconds of bravery:)

    It's not too late to start changing it up and living some of your dreams. ...Baby Steps!

  11. Our family went to your demolition derby a few years back. I have never been so scared in my life. Our seats were just a little too close to the front. Just attending there is living dangerously in my opinion. But it sure was fun. I am loving digging through your archives.

    Love your blog.