Saturday, September 1, 2012

Is it Really Labor Day?

I'm all but certain this never happens at your house, but it seems to catch me every time.  It usually happens when I have some special guests coming for dinner.  I've worked hard all day but there are always just a few things I don't quite get to. 


Maybe I've been planning to get the bathroom cleaned but somehow I can't quite find the 15 minutes to get in there and do it.  I tell myself I'll just get the rolls in the oven and then I'll get to the bathroom mess. 

But then it happens, the dreaded DING-DONG of the doorbell.  Drats!  The guests are a full half an hour early, arrrrrgh!!
My blood runs cold as I realize the bathroom just isn't going to get cleaned.  I throw a few dirty towels in the hamper on my way to the door and tell myself, "It really isn't that bad".  

I had that same DING-DONG moment this week when I realized that Labor Day is here and time is up to reveal my summery front porch!   There are rules about white pillows after Labor Day, very serious rules!

Since early spring we've been working on our front porch addition.   I've been waiting for the perfect moment when everything was completely done to stage my big reveal.  Needless to say, we're not quite there yet. 

Meanwhile, back to my dinner guests.....with trembling hand on the door knob I'm ready to get busted.  I'm truly happy to see them but I've got a decision to make.  There is no way to casually stroll through the living room with rubber gloves and a can of cleanser.  Everyone would know I'm headed to the bathroom to get the giant-toothpaste-spit-globby-with-a-little-bit-of-donut I left in the sink.
The sign is a gift from my Sister-in-Law who has three little boys....she know things!

I really only have two options.   I can sit tight and hope that nobody has to go......I might get lucky.  But if anybody heads that direction I'll have to be preemptive and say, "I hope you brought your own seat protectors and hand sanitizer if you are going in there"! 

(Well, there is possibly have a third option, I could put an "Out of Order" sign on the bathroom door with directions to the nearest 7-11 with a public restroom.)  

So now that you are all on my front porch what should I do?  Should I hope that you don't look up at the ceiling or just get it over with and tell you. 

Uh, oh too late, you've seen it now.  After all summer we still haven't got the lights we picked out installed and there is still lots of trim work and touch up painting to be done. There is it.....a big spit-globby of a ceiling.

I've also been on the hunt for an old bench for under the window or even a new bench like this one.  But for now I just pulled an old trunk out of the garage.  

But I did find a new place for the old wood stove.  It's a bona fide country porch now with a real non-working appliance.  And I finished my pillows.

As the evening wears on it matters less and less that there is a spit globby in the sink or no lights on the porch.

In fact the candles give off a pretty nice glow.

The Tintex display rack from my Grandma's old store sure turned into a great candle display.

Ok I guess I should just relax a little and enjoy spending one of the last summer evenings out on the porch with my blog friends.  I finally realized that If you wait for perfection, you'll be waiting a long while.

Just, please, puh-leeze don't ask if you can use my bathroom!

Happy Labor Day!

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  1. Oh- that kind of thing happens to me all the time...or worse...I have the toilet scrub brush sitting in the toilet waiting for the cleaner to "work" and forget it is in

    Your porch is gorgeous- Love the No peeing off the porch sign. xo Diana

  2. Beautiful, really. I want to sink right in to that red chaise on the porch and watch the bugs fly by.

  3. You had me with the red chairs! Thanks so much for inspiring me today! Are those mountains behind your house? That is such a pretty backdrop.


  4. I just love your farm style home and that wrap around porch. Maybe the bathroom wasn't that bad. Hate when folks show up that early.

  5. In all honesty, I think your porch is looking quite lovely! There is nothing like a wrap around porch. Fully completed or not, I love it!

  6. Oh girl, who's looking at the ceiling when there is beauty all around? I have always wanted a wrap around porch. Never going to happen, but I can certainly enjoy yours. I love the green and red color combo. I have a red wicker chair in my living room and I love it. Your set makes your porch so inviting. I've got to tell you that I love the tint and dye display rack. What a fun conversation piece. The trunk looks cute till you find you a bench. Hey, I haven't gotten to my bathrooms for over a week now. Sure hope no one shows up early!

  7. WOW!! That is an amazing addition and porch, looks so homey and I barely recognized your house! And I too am in slight denial that Labor day is here, but I live fall and winter, so bring it on!

  8. You have great style as shown in both your city and country homes! Love what you've done with your wrap-around porch. Very inviting!

  9. LOVE your porch! It turned out fabulous! Who needs lights when you have those amazing candles and holders?

  10. I think your porch is perfect just the way it is. Who wants perfection when you have that.
    If you see someone strange sitting on your porch it might be me, and I won't ask to use the potty.

    1. Connie, you are welcome on my porch any time! You can even use the bathroom, just give me 15 minutes to clean it first!

  11. It looks lovely! The stove looks so pretty. Very inviting porch/home!

  12. lynn - your porch looks like it's been a part of that old farmhouse's just beautiful! and that view is spectacular! i'd say let 'em pee off the porch, just take the hose to it later!!!!

  13. Who cares about the bathroom? I am so impressed with this porch. It has completely transformed your home. Well done! Think of it this you can post about the lights...and then do another post about the trim work. You need to milk this for all it's worth! Happy Labor Day...Ann

  14. Don't give the guests anything to drink and they won't have to pee! :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this beautiful porch. Alot of hard work but just look at it now

    THOUGH, lol...I thought to myself " the grandkids would be stabbing each other with that pitchfork so if that were MY porch I'd have to put it away everytime they came over! :)
    Visiting from Newbie party / happy Labor Day!

  15. Love your porch! You did a great job, so now just enjoy.

  16. OH my that porch addition is amazing! Love your humorous thoughts about the bathroom! Funny how one thing can seem to weigh on our minds so much! With all you've done on the porch you should be very proud!

  17. Lynne I LOVE your porch. WOWZA what a difference that made. And of course your colorful beautiful furniture and touches makes it even more grand. Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. Great job!
    Love the board and batten finish that you used on the porch!
    So cute!
    Also.. great job on the blue ceiling paint.
    Perfect for an old house.


  19. Stunning porch. I don't know how it could better. Congratulations.

  20. With a gorgeous porch like that your guests won't even notice the bathroom :)

  21. Beautiful porch and on my gosh - you sound just like me! :)

  22. Oh my your too funny! I adore your new porch!!! Who cares about the bathroom...... right :) Now let's go back and look at your gorgeous view and sit on your beautiful porch!


  23. Gorgeous porch! Stopping by from Debbie Doo's. Agree with the other comments, too... who cares about the bathroom? Everyone will be sitting on the porch! :)

  24. Ha, ha, after I had a group of ladies stay at the ranch, I went into the hall bath only to find that my daughter had not cleaned it very well, so it was in bad shape the whole time they were at my house. Oh well.

  25. It just doesn't get better than a front porch. I love the warm, welcoming decor. And even when I don't have company coming I don't seem to find the 15 minutes to just clean the bathroom. Oh well.


  26. Wow! Wow! Wow! Lynn have I told you lately that you are AMAZING? Well, you are and that front porch looks A-MAZE-ING!!

  27. Oh my goodness, Lynn, the porch is SO BEAUTIFUL! I just love it! I love every detail... the red door, the gray porch, the blue ceiling... it came together so well.

  28. Lynn - love your porch. I pinned it - so cute.

  29. Your porch looks just beautiful! I would love to sit out there with a glass of sweet tea in one of those beautiful chairs! Life to the full, Melissa

  30. Oh I would give anything to have your porch!!! Absolutely beautiful and homey and so inviting!
    Beautiful job!

  31. Love it... and candle light is perfection.. find that it makes ALL imperfections softer... ready to glow... ENJOY!!!! thank you for sharing!:)

  32. Your porch is beautiful! I love the decorative items and those red wicker chairs! The reflection in the glass is so pretty when the sun is setting. I can totally relate to hoping nobody goes to certain parts of the house. We all feel that way from time to time.