Friday, September 7, 2012

Too Close for Comfort

My heart skipped a beat when I heard on the radio there was a grass fire in the neighboring town.  It skipped a double beat when I realized the fire was headed toward my favorite old barn. 

By the time I was able to check it out several hours later I was relived to see the fire was mostly out and the homes had been saved, just in the nick of time!
But what had become of the old barn just over the hill.  For months I had been trying to figure out how to get a peek inside.  I'm just sure I holds the most amazing hoard of farm house goodies that you could ever imagine.

But as I rounded the corner I was amazed that the barn had been spared too!  Just a few feet from the barn, two old fire trucks are perched on the hill.   They have been there forever.....keeping watch.  
Yet the fire got frighteningly close.  I wonder if the trucks were having one of those nightmares where someone is chasing you and your feet are glued to the floor.   You're immovable and helpless.  The rusted up axles and chained doors would have made them completely immovable and at the mercy of the fire.  
I mean really how ironic would that be for a fire truck to be burned up?  But they are safe for today along with the antique farm equipment just outside the barn.  

 I took a minute to wander through this amazing collection....

...and think about what might have been.

For now the old Wells Fargo lock on the barn door taunts me.  I can only guess at the treasure that lay beyond the lock ....but someday I'll find my way past it.

And luckily it looks like I could still get that chance.

But most important, all the evacuated families are safe and back in their homes tonight...and that is something to be truly thankful for!

Count your blessings,


  1. Lynn,
    How scary! I am glad it was contained and everyone is safe.And that sweet old barn too!

  2. I can almost smell the acrid smell of smoke that is probably hanging over the air. Fire is always such a scary thing because you never know what it is going to do. Great old ban- I'm glad it was spared. I thought at first that you had really OLD firetrucks in your area- until you said they were abandoned. lol xo Diana

  3. Very scary- So glad to hear that you & your neighbors are safe!
    That old barn looks amazing!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am so glad it was contained and the old barn was spared as well as the homes!

  5. Glad to hear everyone is okay. That ole barn is beautiful! I love exploring them and love your rusty pics!

  6. That was a close call!
    I'm so glad that the community, and homes were spared damage!

    Glad your favorite barn survived too :)


  7. lynn - so glad y'all are safe. you're in my prayers. reminds me of the scarey fires we had here in texas last summer. not a fun thing to have to go through. take care of that old barn!!!

  8. Whew!! Glad you are safe. Along with all that fab rusty, vintage goodness :)

  9. Great picture of the barn, Lynn! I love the angle and blue sky at the top. How did you resist from climbing through that window to see what was inside?!?