Friday, October 5, 2012

Button Front Pillows

With all the pillow posts I've been doing lately you'd think I'd be about fluffed-out.

Not so.....

I've got more.....

....lots more. 

I decided it was time to add a little fall to our front porch so I rounded up three of the coziest mens shirts I could find.

I cut them one inch bigger than the pillow forms and made sure the buttons were centered on the front.  

It was a simple matter of sewing 1/2 inch  around the four sides, the buttons make the envelope enclosure. 

Well it wasn't quite that simple.  

I used Yvonne's tapered corner tutorial over at Stone Gable blog.

For the first pillow I did a regular square corner because I forgot to show you an example.

 See how much nicer the tapered corner looks.  

It's really simple and worth the extra 5 minutes.  Check our Yvonne's tutorial here.

Another simple embellishment was the button on squares.  

I cut some of the scraps along with some burlap into 2 inch squares. 

Then I made a buttonhole in the center and simply buttoned them on.  

Wellllll, that is amost true.

My machine jammed up  half way through so I just cut slits and buttoned on the last two.  

Can you see the difference up close? 

 Nah, me neither, just make life easy and cut some slits and tie on a little twine.

And speaking of scraps, there was a lot of material left over from shirts.

I cut it up into 2 inch strips for another project, I'll get to sometime before the snow flies...hopefully??

My front porch is finally getting its FALL on.  

And I can't wait to add a few spooky Halloween touches.

Have a cozy day!

These pillow are headed on over to Stone Gable Funky Junk and At the Picket Fence...



  1. Lynn I got to "pin".
    to my copycat board.
    Your shirt pillows make me want to run in there and get some of hubs shirts and start cutting,dag-gum it why oh why did we take all those old shirts to Goodwill last week? duh!..I could made some of these...I love them all.
    Your porch is "bringn' it" ,Fall has fell!!
    Have a great and blessed weekend.

  2. These are so cute, Lynn! Great idea using men's shirts! I can't sew, so I'll admire them from afar!

    Have a great fall weekend!


  3. you have got a lot of fluffing going on! I love the men's shirt pillow...aka the Lumberjack pillow :) perfect for don't want the pillows to get cold!

  4. I am on my way from SC for a cup of coffee! Great porch and awesome pillow idea!!

  5. The mens shirt pillow is really cute--very fall :)

  6. Oh, I really like those little button on squares! You're so creative!!

  7. So creative!!! I love that your porch has a wardrobe for each season!

  8. Lynn,

    Those are so cute....and you always have the best styling!

    Thanks for inspiring me today!


  9. cute idea on upcycling men's shirts!

  10. These are fabulous. I have wanted to try the "shirt" pillow covers for a while. Thanks for the inspiration and the link to Yvonne's tutorial. Heading over there right now. It's never too late to learn something new. :o)

  11. I would love to cozy up on my sofa with that flannel shirt pillow while sipping hot cocoa and watching TV. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Darling pillows! Your front porch is looking beautiful. I'm going to have to check out the tutorial for the tapered corners.

  13. These pillows are so creative and darling.