Friday, October 26, 2012

I Dare Ya...

I really don't think we have any haunted houses in our town.

But if we did, I'd want it to be this one.  

This beautiful old Italianate sits down on the corner just a half block from our house.  

I love walking out on my front porch and catching a glimpse of this historic old home.  

I love it, except for the month of October when, for some reason, it takes on a slightly eerie, kinda Munster-like appearance. 

Photo source  Summit County Historical Society

It was built in the 1880's by a talented architect/carpenter named Thomas L. Allen. 

It has so many interesting details like the "hip roof with overhanging eaves and bracketed cornices".

"The tall windows are capped by slightly arched window heads, and projecting bay windows. Allen's expert carpentry skills are prevalent throughout the home where he had carved delicate flowers over each dormer window and turned square spindles on the stairways."

This amazing stained glass window is original to the house too.  

I found a lot of interesting info "in quotes" on this home here at the Summit Country Historical Society.  

But there are still a few mysteries to unlock, like what is that missile doing in the front yard?  

Someday, when the leaves are on the trees and the sun is shining bright, I'll see if I can get an invitation to take some photos on the inside of this house.  I'm told it has incredible woodwork and an intricate mural on the ceiling with dragons, swans and ivy strands.  

I'm just waiting for a bright sunny day, that's all! 

I have done an inside tour  of the old victorian house across the street.  You can find that post  here.  It was my most popular post for quite awhile. 

So, is it possible this place could be haunted during the month of October?  

By the looks of it, a few escaping ghosts have been caught in the trees

            and they don't look too happy about it.  

You be the judge.

Well, are you with me? 

If we were standing here on All Hallows Eve would you be trotting up the walk to trick-or-treat?

Or would you pass on this house?

Back here from the safety of my front porch it doesn't look so scary. 

Oh ya, I'm in....

....I'm right behind you!!

By the way, are you liking all that snow we got yesterday.  I guess I should say....

Merry Halloween?


  1. Wow, very interesting! That street picture of the house looks like a fog could be rolling in, way in the distance. How creepy is that! It seems like you live in a very historic district and that's really wonderful! Snow? I don't think so. We're bracing for the likes of Sandy on the east coast. Hope things don't get too bad.

  2. Wow - so cool!! Love the edits on the pictures!

  3. What a gorgeous house! If the walls could talk in that place...Hopefully you get to tour the inside.

  4. That house is beautiful. The thing that would make me the craziest the missile. What is that all about????? Smiles, Susie

  5. Lynn,now you've peeked my interest,please find out about that missile!..and I agree this house is so wonderful,one way you look and it's perfectly homey,another look and you see a little scary.

    SNOW!,don't we live in a wonderful world,we still have 80's/90's in southeast Georgia.
    The snow is so pretty!...that's something we don't get much of(hardly ever).

  6. Gorgeous house, and yes, it does look like a house that could be haunted. It would be first on my trick-or-treat list!!

  7. Good afternoon Lynn, Oh dear, I'm a coward I'm afraid....I would walk straight passed the house. Having said that, on a bright sunny day I would adore the house as I am a lover of stained glass windows, and the ones in this house are lovely. I also love the slight arch on the windows, but not enough to visit during Halloween! Have a lovely weekend. Best Wishes Daphne

  8. I'm going with haunted! And that snow is funny and I hear there may be more on the way for some parts of the country!



  9. In that second photo, it REALLY looks haunted and eerie!

  10. I think the 2nd photo tells the story! It is haunted indeed! Thanks for such a frightening divine photo! xo Pam

  11. I'm an old house lover, through and through.... and if it were haunted.. I'd make it happy again :)
    No spooks!

    There are some great houses in your neighborhood!!
    Thanks for sharing, and Merry Halloween to you too *grin*.

  12. I think there's a house like this in every town where the kids dare each other to knock at the door. We had one in the small town where I grew up, too. I love all the details of this house and your editing brings out the scary in it!