Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sleeves and Armpits

Now what kind of a crazy title is that?  

Nobody starts off a blog post talking about armpits.

Nobody, except possibly me?  Well, there is some logic here.  

To rewind just a bit...

(I suppose we don't really rewind anymore, but anybody that still has a VCR will get the rewind reference.)

...anyway, backup to when I finished making my men's shirt pillows. 

Since I had cut the fronts and backs of the shirts for the pillows, all I had left over after that project was a big pile of sleeves and armpits. (Ah ha, now I'm beginning to make sense.)

 So I cut them up into 2" strips and waited for some inspiration to strike.  

It wasn't too long before I decided to make a garland to match those pillow on the front porch.

I tied the strips to some rope and added a few burlap strips to give it more texture.  

I tied them on by folding the strip in half and then passing it under the rope.

Then I pulled the ends through the loop and

pulled it tight.  

I looks a little bit like a men's tie when you are done.

Lately I've really been trying to use up things I have on hand and not spent a lot.  So instead of  buying cornstalks to decorate the porch posts, I bunched some perennial grasses that had been cut down for the winter.  

It worked out great because I didn't have room in the garbage can for them anyway.  

A pitch fork and old rusty shovel were added to the posts and tied on with the same garland. 

This shirt-off-his-back porch fix-up is finally done.

 It was a really quick, really easy project. 

 In fact I'd go so far as to say it was "no sweat".  

And that is pretty important when you are talking about a project involving armpits!

Hope you are having an easy, breezy fall!

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  1. Lynn, I love your unique fall touches to your porch and cute red door.

  2. OMG -- armpits... "no sweat"... hilarious!

  3. I love it! Especially the grasses tied to the post, really a great idea!

  4. i love the pitchfork & shovel & grasses!!!! (& not a snake in sight!!!!!)

  5. Everything looks so fall, so country..just perfect!

  6. What a great idea! The perennial grasses with the pitchfork and shovel added that special touch! Don't know why more people don't use the plumes in their fall decor. Looks much better than corn stalks!

  7. I just want to bring my laptop and coffee cup to come sit on your porch. It's adorable.

    By the way, OLIO is my new favorite word. :)

  8. Look at your front porch. This is so darling. You sure know how to whoop up some great projects.

  9. L-O-V-E IT! what a creative way to decorate your porch. and love the tall grass around the column!! Beautiful!

  10. Lynn your front porch looks beautiful! LOVE it all!

  11. Your porch looks wonderful all dressed up for fall!!!

  12. Your creativity is just amazing!! I would love to be your neighbor and look at your pretty house all the time! (not to be creepy of anything, (-: )

  13. Love reusing the scraps. The results are great. Very nice porch!

  14. Hi Lynn..
    Love the addition of the gardening tools to the front porch!
    I'll bet the garland looks great blowing in the Fall breeze :)


  15. I just love that homemade with what you had on hand garland! Seriously. It looks amazing ... I may need to try my hand at my very own version for the front porch ...



  16. LOVE your porch and the fun shirt ideas!! I'm feeling inspired to get out there and make mine cuter...thanks :) Laurel

  17. this looks adorable. I love your creativity! Thanks for sharing,
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)