Monday, October 1, 2012

Steal My Heart!!

Can I be a mom for just a minute?

The kind of mom that can't resist putting a few pictures of her little girl on the blog.

Pictures of a little girl and that little girl's "YIKES" fiance?

With a real engagement ring and everything!

It seems hard to believe that she could be all grown-up and engaged to the man of her dreams.

But I suppose she has grown-up.  She's in her third year of medical school on her way to becoming a surgeon.  

It seems like just last year I started trusting her with pointy scissors and now look what has happened...she has moved on the scalpels....

...and boys, and boyfriends and now a fiance and husband.

On a fine fall day I was lucky enough to capture some goo-goo eyes...

....and a bit of little kissing.  (OK that's enough kissing for now)

We took it high....

...we took it low.

And we might have gotten just a little bit silly.


We had some fun with a grapevine heart.....

...and set it on the grass for just a minute, when we came back... 

You guessed it, someone stole the heart!!

 But I think these two are still in love just the same.  

Thank you both for sharing such a perfect afternoon with the mom and her camera.

It's truly wonderful to see you all grown-up and so very happy!  

Hugs and kisses,

PS: This may be a blog about our farmhouse remodel but I can't promise that a little bit of the wedding plans won't end up here....thanks to my dear readers for indulging me a bit!

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  1. Gorgeous photos and beautiful daughter. Congrats to the happy couple!! Can't wait to see wedding pics!

  2. beautiful pictures! Blessing on them as them and you during the wedding plans!

  3. These are gorgeous pictures! What a happy couple...they look like they have fun together and make each other smile, that's so important. You should be proud! I can't wait to hear about the wedding. My daughter is getting married in May! Everyone loves a love story!


  4. Congrats!! What a beautiful couple!! Hope the wedding planning is going great!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful, fantastic photos too! My son is getting married June 21, 2013 so happy for him!

  6. What a beautiful post and a beautiful couple! You indulge that mom side. Loved it :)

    Look forward to more peeks! It's what life is all about :)))

  7. Lynn what pretty pictures and your daughter is so pretty. I think it's great when a blogger shares special moments with her readers. Especially when it's such a sweet story.

  8. Oh Lynn! I just got teary-eyed. Beautiful pictures of your beautiful daughter and handsome fiance. Wow. Please DO share wedding stuff with us! How exciting!

  9. Lovely pictures! Congratulations to your daughter & her fiance.
    I, for one, would love to see wedding planning stuff- so please do share!

  10. How exciting is this news? You go ahead and share wedding stuff with us all you want. What gorgeous pictures, Lynn!

  11. Hi, Lynn,
    Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE the pictures you took. They are so unique and clever. Your daughter is beautiful. I love your blog. Share the wedding stuff, by all means.

  12. Oh, Lynn! What a wonderful post!!! Congratulations to the couple and, of course, to mom! They look so happy! I can't wait to see all the wedding preparations! Beautiful pictures!

  13. What a fun day and great photos!

  14. lynn - you are a terrific photographer!!!!! they're a cute couple too. and that last picture of your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!! she has gorgeous eyes!!!!

    your blog can be whatever YOU want it to be......and WE definitely want to see pictures of the wedding & wedding preparations!!

  15. Great job with the pictures! So creative! They look so happy and beautiful!