Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The 4th Amigo

If you happened to stop by my blog last week you may remember the three amigos. 

 (Although now that I think about it, it really should be the three amigas, because they have got to be girls with all the ruffles and rosettes.)

Three friendly pillows showed up for my pillow-pileup-party on the front porch last week. 

But doesn't it seem that  there is one friend that always shows up a bit late to everything.  

They race in breathlessly with tousled hair and a long drawn out apology.  

(Usually this would be me so I get it.)


Well, you just wouldn't believe the long list of excuses the 4th Amiga "Little Miss Ruffle Front" dragged in when she show up a week late.  

But then I don't suppose I'd want to be seen in public looking like this either....

It seems Little Ruffles here was complaining of way too much whitey, not enough tighty when I first put her together.   

I think I'd better explain we mean by that.  

She just looked way to clean to be hanging out with the shabby crowd, so she went in a tea bath for a soak.  

A nice long hot soak....and that took care of the "whitey" problem.

Then her ruffles were "snugged up" so to speak and moved to the center

....and she looked so much better with "tighty" ruffles.  

She was finally ready to take her place with the Amigas on the front porch.  
It wasn't long before everyone was laughing, and joking and getting along just fine. 

In fact, it was all but forgotten that Miss Ruffle Front was late to the pile-up at all. 

 After all isn't that just what real friends do, or amigos or amigas for that matter?  

Send a little love to the "late" friend in your group today!

Pssst! Little Miss Ruffle Front has given me a great idea for a shower curtain that I can't wait to make!

This pillow party is making its way to Cozy Little House


  1. I'm not sure why, but I'm only able to view your first two pictures, but you have a beautiful collection of pillows!

    1. Oh no! I'm out of space on my Picasa account! I think I have it fixed now. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. Sounds really cute but l can't see the pictures either. I am using my kindle and that might have something to do with it. Love how you tell the story of friendship!

  3. Love this! Such personality in these pillows!

  4. looks like a great addition to your pile :)

  5. Beautiful addition! I love it in all its checked & ruffled finery.

  6. Your ruffled pillow is so pretty. I love that feminine ruffles are so in right now.


  7. I love the ruffled pillow, and the cute story that goes with it. SHe looks great with the others!

  8. So pretty! I hope I can convince you to come share at my Blog Fest: http://fresh-eggs-daily.blogspot.com/2012/09/farm-girl-friday-blog-fest-2.html

  9. haha, Lynn, you're so funny and very talented. I like the way Miss Ruffle Front turned out. She looks so chic!

  10. love the revision!! love all the pillows. wish i was in the mood to sew........wish i was in the mood to do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. What a cute post! LOVE to Miss Ruffle Front! She certainly has a sense of style... and makes a big splash being late!

  12. Hey I'm here following back...going to put you on my bloglist....love the "pillow talk"....even that sassy fashionable late one.