Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bridal Bonanza

I was so ready to take down the cobwebs, and ghouls and plastic snakes and put Halloween away.
I was ready to move on to the next big event.

I know there are some pretty big holidays just around the corner but the next big happening around this place is a wedding!  

My daughter of 24 years is about to become someone else's baby in just a few short weeks! 

So her favorite Aunt T threw her a super fun shower.

It was so nice to go to the shower,
 and mingle with our family and friends,
and just enjoy the day
....with not a thought of blogging on my mind.

"Of course not kiddo??"

"I'm just taking some photos for your scrapbook, 
now smile I don't want my readers to think you are cranky!"

These cute little polka-dottie plates just say "Have Fun"!  
They set the tone for the whole shower.  

There was some yummy food like these fruit kabobs, 

and these wraps were "delish" 
(to steal a word from Rachel Ray).

But if your sweet tooth was talking to ya,

you could find a treat quicker than you could say.....


...or cookie.

What better to wash it all down than a perfectly color coordinated bottle of water.  

Who knew water could be so stylish?  

There is one thing you may not know about the organizer of this gala event.

 (only because you probably haven't met her, 
if you had met Aunt T, even once, you would know this) 

 She goes all out on decorations! 

Her fabric wrapped, popcorn candles were a hit. 
They gave such a warm glow to the room. 

But my favorite had to be the banner she made with the couple's initials. 

The lettering was cut out using a Cricut cutting machine.  
I've never used one but I love all the things Aunt T makes with it.

Or maybe my fav was the "True Love" banner.  

Either way I came to an important conclusion:


What is even better than having your own Cricut cutting machine?

a) A Sister-in-Law/Aunt with a Cricut machine

b) A Sister-in-Law/Aunt with a Cricut machine, who really knows how to use it

c) A Sister-in-Law/Aunt with a Cricut machine, who really knows how to use it, who you might be able to talk into making a "Turkey" banner for you for Thanksgiving.

If you picked "C" then we came to the same conclusion.

So the bride-to-be got a few nice things to help her create a new home.  But most important she shared some stories and laughs and got some sage advice. 

Going from being somebody's baby to being somebody's babe is a pretty big scary step.  And it's kinda nice to have some of the most important ladies in your life to cheer you on!

Thanks Aunt T for making such a special afternoon!
(I'll be calling you about the Turkey thing)


  1. What a beautiful shower for your Baby! I love the banners!

  2. Lynn, everything is so cute. Love the candles. I remember going through this with my daughter six years ago.

  3. I'm all over the "C" ... and Aunt T rocked the shower!



  4. You're too funny! Your sister hosted a beautiful event for the bride-to-be. Enjoy every moment of this special time!

  5. What a beautiful shower and special time! I love those banners. The picture you posted of your daughter made me laugh... I often get that when the camera comes out. :-)

  6. So fun! Love those polka dot plates - I saw those at Pier 1 and resisted buying them! Congrats to you and her!!

  7. Wow- everything looks beautiful!
    I especially love the the fabric ties on the water bottles- what a fun way to dress them up!

  8. Congrats to your daughter!

    Looks like a fun shower, and your favorite Aunt T did a wonderful job on all the decorations.

  9. Looks like a wonderful day! I think that Aunt T may be my kind of girl! :D She did an excellent job on the decorations!

  10. Oh I am soooo excited for you, I mean your daughter and I want a aunt T!!! But I suppose you are just going to keep her to yourself, sigh.

  11. Goodness! I'm blushing! Thanks for the nice comments! It was so fun to see everyone, I'm so excited for the big day. I'm pretty sure Lynn made the shower seem better then it was, she really has a gift..ok several gifts! Well, I suppose I'm off to make a turkey banner!

  12. Cute.Cute.Cuteness!! What a darling shower. You are such a delight to read Lynn.
    Enjoyed popping in to see what you've been up too. I think I better keep reading!!