Thursday, November 22, 2012

Choose Your Spot

Can you handle yet another Thanksgiving table setting?

....or maybe two?

(now I'm really pushing it) how about three different table settings?
When you've got a house with small rooms and lots of family and friends coming over for Thanksgiving dinner,  it means not everyone will be seated at the same table.  

In fact they won't even all be in the same room.  

You have just viewed the first table in what we call the "Bomb Shelter" room.  One day soon it will become a rustic office, but right now it is a bit under construction and looks like it's been "bombed out". 

 Amazing what a little cropping can do.

 I hope I remembered to tell everyone to bring their hardhats?

Next up is the actual dining room proper.  

It features my mother's china and brown goblets she receive for her wedding.  

They have always been a Thanksgiving favorite.  

 Everything is lined up and ready for the feast.

 A lucky few will be seated in the kitchen, with in striking distance of the buffet.

This table also has my mother's dishes but I added some homemade napkins and placemats.  I finally figured out how to get my serger to do a rolled hem and I've been going crazy making all kinds of cloth napkins.

Now that I stand back and look at that menu wonder I'm tired

So there you have it, three tables to choose from.  But I'm guessing the turkey will taste about the same from any spot.

I'm wishing you and yours a day of full thankful hearts and perhaps an empty calorie or two!


  1. Good Afternoon Lynn, By now you will be in the midst of cooking that amazing menu which you listed on your chalk board. Everyone will be having fun and will not notice the "bomb shelter". Your tables look lovely and how wonderful to use your mother's plates and wine glasses. It will make Thanksgiving even more special. Have a wonderful day with your family and a Happy Thanksgiving to you. Best Wishes Daphne

  2. I can take one more if it is as beautiful as this one. Lovely and I adore the chalkboard spelling out the menu. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving- xo Diana

  3. So so pretty!! I suddenly feel inferior in my ability to set a table!

  4. I totally could sink right in at any one of those spots.

  5. All of the place settings look lovely! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. So pretty! That might be the bomb shelter room but I think I see a pretty brick wall back there. :)

  7. Can we have two many choices..never.. I like life that way.. Your table sittings are beautiful - wonderful and delightful..when using favorites items... hardhats = cute.. giggle!' Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving..

  8. All of your table settings looked so pretty.
    Love those old goblets!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    Now, on to Christmas.... whew does time ever fly :)

    Have a very Merry Christmas.