Monday, November 19, 2012

Herbed Butter

Ah, there it is....the butter dish at the beginning of Thanksgiving dinner.

A beautiful, untouched sight to behold.

It won't be long before each family member will be shaving a tiny pat with the butter knife and placing it on their plate.   

The butter knife will be returned to the butter dish after each use and everyone will use their own table knife to butter their roll, vegetables or what have you.

That butter dish will be just as tidy at the end of dinner,  albeit with a smaller cube.

Heck, who am I trying to kid??

We're real people around this house, and that means by the end of dinner you've got crumbs, jam, and a bit of gravy smashed around on the butter dish.  You can only hope you don't get too many fingerprints on that impressionable cube.  

To be perfectly honest, our butter knife is more often used as a makeshift screwdriver than anything else.

But a few years back I came up with a way to end the butter dish mess and add a little flavor too.  I used my rubber candy molds to create individual are the specifics.  

I generally make a plain and an herbed variety, so I begin with two squares of butter and let them sit at room temperature until they have softened.   

To the savory variety mix in your favorite herb, finely chopped.  I used fresh thyme here but rosemary or sage works well with a Thanksgiving dinner too.  I added a bit of fresh ground pepper also.  

Just experiment and add in your favorites.

After the herbs are well mixed with the butter, use a table knife to press the butter into the molds and scrape off the excess.  Place the molds in the refrigerator for about 1/2 hour to set up.  When the butter is firm simply pop the pats out of the molds.  

This can be done several days ahead.  Store the pats in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer and separate the layers with waxed paper.

When the big day arrives, serve the butter pats on ice.  Everyone has their own tidy little serving.....

...and that my friends is the end of the communal butter mess at our house.

Now if I could only figure out how to keep the mashed potatoes off the gravy ladle???

Happy Thanksgiving week!

PS:  Just curious.... would you have read this post if I had titled it "Molded Butter"?  That's the title I started out because it was more descriptive, but something about "molded butter" just sounded wrong in a gray fuzzy sorta way.  Like I said, just wondering if you can say "molded butter" without it sounding moldy??

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  1. So pretty! I remember when I was 9 we went to my aunt and uncle's for the holiday. My aunt is super fancy and had made butter molds and I was gobsmacked at the idea of it!

  2. This is a super cute idea! And yes, you picked the better title for your post! :)


  3. What a great idea! I still would have read a "Molded Butter" post, but herbed butter sounds much more appetizing ;o)

  4. that is super smart! love the idea of your own butter serving. The herbed butter sound really good

  5. Yup Molded Butter would be wierd. Herbed Butter makes me want to make the "b" as silent as the "h". Could you please pass the erbed utter? =-) so proper now! Natalee
    Can I just order about 100 now for the Wixom clan? ;-)

  6. So now you've got me wanting to run out to buy candy molds! :) This is a great idea, Lynn.

    And yes, I would have still read the post if it was titled Moldy Butter because I would have wondered just what you did to make the butter get moldy!

  7. Those are so cute. WHat a wonderful idea. Are the little molds made for butter, or can you use candy molds? I'd love to give this a try.

  8. What a great idea for special dinners! Your guests will truly be impressed! Now I'm going to have to buy a mold and try this out. Herb butter really doesn't tell us that you molded the butter which is what your post is about. We're always trying to find ways to "dress up" our food presentations and you really scored big on this one. Just a suggestion but something like: Fancy Butter Molds or Decorative Butter Pats.

  9. Gosh, what cute butter pats. No, molded butter does give the wrong image.

  10. This is awesome! !! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving / wonderful tip!

  11. What a great idea. I have often meant to do individual pats and never have. It makes so much say nothing about the person next to you hogging all the butter- xo Diana

  12. You are a genius! I've resorted to adding individual butter pats to each bread and butter dish (or dinner plate) because I hate seeing crumbs and other mysterious thingies on the stick of butter. You've come up with a much more elegant idea. Kudos to you, Lynn!

    Herbed butter is better. Say that 3 times. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Ohhhhh. I love these little butter pats. I just looked at my hubby and yelled, "I wanna make butter molds for Thanksgiving!" Yes, he rolled his eyes. But I'm doin' it. Oh ... and the way to get mashed potatoes off the gravy ladle? Just lick it off!

  14. Cute and a neat way to serve the butter...want to come do that at my house? :D Yes, I would have read it if it said "molded butter" because I'd want to know if you meant molded or moldy.

  15. Hi Lynn,

    This is perfect for Thanksgiving.. on those rolls or cornbread ;) Great tutorial!


  16. Lynn - I so enjoy your blog and have been following for awhile now. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can check out my post here

    I hope you accept my nomination...continued success!