Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter Wedding Flowers

"So what's your best price on the white candlesticks?"  
                                         we causally asked the attendant at the estate sale.

"Let's see, they are marked $8 each I can let you have them for $7,"
                                         he replied, as he tried to read our got-to-have-it factor.

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"Hmmm, we'll think about it," 
                         we answered and then quickly turned away before he could spot our wanton lust.

My daughter and I had been browsing the estate sale looking table decorations for her winter wedding.   We could just picture a big ball of red flowers on top of those candlesticks, they were perfect!

Oh, they would be going home with us but not until we had haggled the best price.  

So we casually walked away and acted a bit uninterested.  

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We meandered around the place plotting out our strategy.  Those professionally run estate sales make it tough to walk away with a steal.

 When we could take it no longer we went back to the original sales guy. 

"So what's your best price on those white candlesticks now?"  
                          we asked,  just hoping he'd had time to think it over in the full six and 1/2 minutes we were gone.

"Like I said $7"
             he shot back.

"Wrap them up, we'll take 'em all,"
                 ..we congratulated ourselves on a well fought battle.   

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 On the day of the wedding, the flower-topped candlesticks were just as stunning as we had imagined on that summer afternoon at the estate sale.   

The florals were used to decorate the chapel for the ceremony and then moved to the atrium for the wedding brunch.  

Ya, I'm cheap like that!

Ravenberg Photography

Later on we discovered these beautiful wax tree sets at Costco.    

They came with a battery operated tea light inside and we could just picture a glowing flicker in the center of the guest tables.  

Ravenberg Photography

We never stopped to think that it would be a beautiful sunny morning and the flickering candles would be almost imperceptible.

Well they were pretty centerpieces anyway.  

Here's a look at how they appeared the next day at our family Christmas party.    

My sister-in-law set a beautiful table and we finally got to enjoy a little electric candle glow.

There was no shortage of flowers.
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The flowers for the head table were used at the chapel  too. 
 The table runner was made from left over fabric from the bridesmaid dresses.

I love how their last name initials are a mirror image of each other.

How fitting!

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But most of the arrangements pulled double duty.  

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Like this arrangement on the sign-in table.  

It was later used as the tossing bouquet.

                                            See, I told ya I was cheap!

Ravenberg Photography
Ravenberg Photography

The bridesmaid bouquets and boutonnieres each added their own special touch.

Ravenberg Photography

As I look back on that summer day when we found the candlesticks,  I have such warm memories of the journey to the wedding day.

It seems a little silly now to be trying to save a couple of bucks on a day that was so completely priceless.

Love and kisses to you all,


  1. Lynn,
    just found you and have enjoyed browsing thru. The white candlesticks are perfect with the red flowers, gorgeous!
    There's nothing better then getting something for a great deal, leaves more money to spend on something else!
    I'm your newest follower and would love for you to visit me!

  2. THey are beautiful! Love the decorations, so tasteful and delicate!

  3. Wow! You certainly fought a hard line to get those white pieces/candlesticks/vases-it was a battle right to the end, wasn't it?;>) They were worth every penny because they looked beautiful.
    GREAT wedding pictures all the way around and I LOVE the inverted monogram set!!!! xo Diana

  4. Gorgeous post!
    Your daughter looks just lovely and the blooms and decor are beautiful!
    What a tribute to your daughter..loved this post!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  5. Lynn, this is a great story on how the beautiful flowers came to be:) They are just perfect.. expensive isn't always better!!

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Stunning, Lynne! It looked like a stunning day. Your daughter is just gorgeous -- as is her dress (so refreshing from the slutty crap I see on "Say Yes to the Dress"). Congrats!

    :) Linda

  7. What gorgeous photos! What gorgeous flowers! But most of all, a beautiful, beautiful bride!

  8. Gorgeous photos! I know what you mean about saving a few dollars, but when you're in the midst of planning a wedding all you hear is cha ching, cha ching!! The double duty flowers served you well during one of your proudest moments. :)

  9. Beautiful flowers! Our customers at love deep reds with burgundy and creams for winter weddings.

  10. Really beautiful and stunning photos of fresh flowers . Awesome wedding ceremony.