Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tabletop Tweak

Have you given up on me??

I wouldn't blame you a bit.

It seems that my list of things I GOTTA do has really taken over the list of things I WANNA do.

But today the gotta dos are taking a back seat.  I just can't take another BLOGLESS day.

I just did something for the very first time.  Something to this unsuspecting coffee table.

Ya see, I've actually taken a big step.  I finally joined the ASCP club.  That's right.

For the first few months I followed bloggers this acronym kept showing up everywhere.

What could it mean?

Could it be..."amazing super crafty potion"???

No, silly me, someone finally filled me in that is stands for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP).

I might be the very last person in blogland  to discover the wonders of this amazing paint.

Oh I have been longing to say these words.

It sounds so cool when other bloggers casually say this.  

Here goes....

"So I pulled out the ASCP in Paris Grey and did one coat on the bottom of my coffee table."

Oh that was fun....

"Then I did one coat of clear wax, a heavy coat of dark wax, and wiped it off with another coat of the clear wax"

Wow, you would almost think I knew what I was doing the way I said that.

Not bad for a beginner.

 I really love the new, old look of my table but I wasn't about to stop there. 

I decided to add some numbering to the tabletop.

After printing out my numbers I wasn't really sure how to transfer it to the tabletop.  I went upstairs to my sewing room and there was the answer staring me in the face, Dressmaker's Tracing Paper. 

I chose a light color of paper so it would show up on the dark wood.  I simply taped the numbering to the tracing paper and then to the table.  Then I traced around the numbers with a ball point pen being careful not to make indentations.  

It was faint but clear enough that I could paint in the lines with.....

.......you guessed it,

 ASCP in Paris Grey.

It was a little lumpy, bumpy after I painted it but then I went over the numbers with a very fine sand paper.

I sanded just enough to knock off the hard edges.

Then the tabletop was treated to a coat of the dark wax and finished off with a coat of the clear wax.

The coffee table is the new hero in my living room.  But every hero has a trusty side kick and I decided to give my lamp table the same treatment.

Although minus the numbering.  It seems the side kick always gets the short end of the deal.

And there you have it.

My induction into the ASCP fan club!

Hope you are painting the day away,

PS:  Hey I just noticed that this makes post number 100!  but who's counting???

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  1. Good Afternoon Lynn, I love it, I keep seeing people using ASCP and I keep thinking I will try it, I will try it! It hasn't happened yet, but I think it will in the future and I love what you have done to your coffee table. It is fabulous.
    What is next to be painted.....you must have more paint left in the pot!
    Enjoy your day.
    Best wishes

  2. It looks awesome!! Love the color you chose - it's perfect for that wood!

  3. Beautiful job, Lynn! Welcome to the club!

  4. The tables look great! Nice work!

  5. I missed your posts! Seems like I just found you when you had to step away but I understand. :) Your table looks fabulous. I am definitely going to join that club one of these days. Have to find a store where they sell it.

  6. Missed ya Lynn. The table looks great.

  7. Hey Lynn! Missed you! And you are not the last person to use that paint...I haven't yet. I am just smitten with the look of it so need to find a place that sells it. Your tables are wonderful - you did a fantastic job on them. Like the numbering...does it stand for anything?

  8. Love your table!! It came out great!!

  9. You did a wonderful job on this table, the numbers really made it special. And I love the mix of your pillows, very pretty.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  10. It looks like you're a seasoned ASCP painter. You did a fantastic job on your tables!

  11. I bought my first can of ASCP paint and the waxes months ago. Neither has yet to be cracked open ... but you have inspired me, my friend! I may just need to get on that bandwagon ...

    :) Linda

  12. I think you totally know what you're doing! :) It's beautiful and I'm sharing on my FB page. Love the numbers you stenciled too!

  13. Pretty tables, you did a great job! my dining room and living room tables are pine / oak stained but the more I look at all this chalk paint going on, I'm seriously considering it.