Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Can't Stop!

I'm finding it impossibly hard these days to keep the lid on the can of ASCP in Paris Grey that I bought a few weeks ago. 

It started innocently enough with this project

                                    and then it moved over to this project,

                                                                          and now look what has happened.  

It's gotten all over an old lamp set.  

To make matters worse, I've discovered the joy of the ASCP sample can.  

I couldn't resist bringing home a small can of the Emperor Red.....but where to try it.  

I just love it when my husband discovers my stash of thrift shop junk I've got hidden in secret corners all over the garage.  

Like when he ran across these beauties and I got the, why-on-earth-would-you drag-those-home look on his face??

"Well, the price was right, you didn't want me spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of lamps now did you"??  Seriously, $4.99 for a pair of working lamps!  

That usually satisfies him temporarily.  

This pair of lamps was the perfect place to try out my new Emperor Red paint.  

But first I started with a single coat of Paris Grey.

The brush strokes were horizontal around the lamp for the grey paint, and the red paint was brushed on vertically.

I was hoping it would create some interesting patterns when the lamps were later distressed.

After I sanded the pieces I was a little worried that the color was to rosy, pinky, not the deep red that I was look for.  

But after a coat of the clear wax was applied, the deep red color came out.  

You can really see the difference the wax made in this photo.

I wasn't sure the distressing would look all that great on a metal piece, but for $4.99 what have you got to lose??

I actually really like how it turned out.

I added a new table cloth to my round table.

Is this look too 1984?

(On second thought don't answer that, I still like the skirted round table........ and Cyndi Lauper.......and........ scrunchies)

After the lamp was distressed, the you could see the different direction of the brush strokes really added a neat effect.

Then the lamps were topped off with a  pair of sea grass lamp shades from World Market.

So there you have the completed $4.99 lamps.  Of course I'm ignoring the cost of the paint, brushes, lamp shade and table cloth.  (It's so much more fun to brag about $4.99 lamps.)

That about wraps it up another edition of the ASCP obsession.

Don't look now but a sample can of ASCP Aubusson Blue followed me home last week.

Where will it end???

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  1. I love your red lamps! I so wish I could find a ASCP Distributor near me. I will probably have to do a day trip and go exploring. I want to see the paints up close before I decide on a color. Your projects are so inspiring!

  2. Lynn, I hope your husband got to see those!!! Great job, I love them. xoxo,Susie

  3. How neat they turned out and yay, I would ignore the other purchases because the 4.99 pair of lamps tops everything else:) Love the different brush strokes too!

  4. I love them!!! I hadn't even thought about chalk painting metal lamps!! And I know that face your talking about!!! He can rest assured you didn't break the bank on those fabulous lamps;)

    Jenny from

  5. Found your blog through your link on Savvy Southern Style. Love your lamp re-do! I like how the gray brush strokes show through. I've never tried chalk paint. I just might have to give it a try sometime.

  6. I'm popping in from Kim's Wow Us Wednesday. Love your lamp makeover. This will help me to think differently when I see those yucky old lamps at garage sales! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Your lamps turned out great! I was wondering what the red looked like since I thought I might use it on a piece of furniture. I'm glad the wax deepens the color.

    Good Job!

    We'd to have you link this post to The Creative HomeAcre Blog Hop. It's live on Sundays!

  8. I don't know...1984 was a good year!! Out of style or not, I think the table looks great. ASCP is kind of addictive. Buying it as I can. The last one I purchased was the Emperors Red. Love it! Great job.

  9. Love the red lamps. Lol, maybe I shouldn't try the paint as I'd probably be painting everything too and I all ready get in trouble.

  10. Love the RED. Wish I had seen this when I was doing my old brass lamps ;-)