Friday, September 6, 2013

An Outward Expression

Just a few years ago, a whole bunch of metal sculptures showed up here on main street.

There were part of a traveling art exhibition.

Like this dragon, who is apparently the guardian of the mayor's complaint box.

And this lovely flower sculpture.

But no piece of art has attracted more attention than the "Leaf Dancer" or Ivy as the town has come to call her.

She is pretty curvy and not wearing much except a few leaves.

It wasn't long before she started being dressed by some of the teenagers in town, and actually I think quite a few adults got involved too.  

She has been just about everything and has had more wardrobe changes than Madonna.

I wondered what the artist thought about all this?

I was happy to hear in a recent news story that the artist actually approves.

People are talking about his art and Ivy has become an outlet for other's creativity.

She often dresses to reflect the happenings in town.

She was a Ring Master when the circus was in town,

               a cowgirl for the Rodeo,

                          she has been used to ask a date to Prom and

                                     wore a patriotic outfit to celebrate the 4th of July.

But no outfit has been more full of meaning then when she was dressed and ready to fight the devastating wildfire that threatened our town a few weeks ago.

Many homes were evacuated and several lost, but it would have been much worse without the tireless efforts of the firefighters.

Ivy became an outward expression of what we as a town were feeling on the inside.  

She has drawn us together,

                        made us laugh and
                                                     helped convey the mood and thoughts of the community.

I for one hope she will be here for a good long time.

Hopefully she won't wander down the street and see this trusty steed.

She just may get an idea to make like Lady Godiva and ride right out of town.

Actually I think her feet are firmly planted right here.....
right where she belongs,

as part of our town.

Thank you Ivy,


  1. This is such a fun idea! I love all her outfits....but the firefighter one is my favorite!

    Happy day to you friend!

  2. I just adore the idea of Ivy symbolizing the town's mood and concerns and happiness ... the ups and downs and in-betweens!

    :) Linda