Monday, September 2, 2013

Getting (almost) Dumped

Oh sure, she's pretty now....but it didn't start out that way.

I'm afraid this cute old swing had really let herself go.  

She had been hanging out in a weedy part of the yard for the past two summers.  

The sun and rain had faded her to what we can only call a disappointing brown.

 In the beginning my husband was pretty patient with this old swing.  He would move her out each week and mow under her and move her back.  But lately he'd kinda given up on that.

I started getting the itchy feeling that this old swing was about to get dumped, about to take that final ride in the pickup to the junk pile just outside of town.

I knew I had to work quick or this dumpy swing would be gone.

A couple of cans of black spray paint later, things were starting to look up for this old gal.

I added a few pillows from last summer and my favorite drop cloth "W" pillow made by this fabulous blogger, and just about called it good. (By the way, that drop cloth pillow has been just about everywhere around my house is is never in any danger of being "dumped").

However.... the canopy to this swing had blown off in a big wind storm and that awkward looking top needed something.

It was a perfect place to use up the left over pillow scraps and made a pendant banner.

Since the place I planned to put the swing would get 360 degree traffic the banner needed to look good from both sides so I made it double sided.

Here's how....

Start by deciding how long to make your flags.  Put two pieces of fabric together, with the wrong sides together, and cut your scraps to length.

Mine are 10" long.

Then mark the width of the flags across the top of the fabric starting from the left.  My are 7" wide.

On the bottom place a mark 1/2 the width in from the left side.  In my case that was 3.5".  Make a mark every 7".  Then connect the dots with a pencil.

Stitch the two pieces of fabric together with a 1/4" seam on either side of the lines you drew in a "V" pattern.

Then cut the pieces on the drawn lines.  I used pinking shears.

Arrange the flags in the order you want them and stitch them on to a piece of double fold bias tape.  

Overlap them a little or a lot depending on the look you want.

With the banner tied to the top bar, this old swing was ready to make her big comeback.

When I asked my husband to give me a hand moving the swing up on the patio he said, "What??  I was about ready to haul that thing off to the dump".

See my itchy feeling was right.  

So there she is....

.......she's earned a spot back on the patio 

and back in our hearts,

and all that talk about getting dumped is just a distant memory.

Making up is soooo much more fun than breaking up.

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  1. I love it Lynn! She's a real beauty and it would have been a shame to have her dumped! Love your banner-thanks for sharing your how to-so easy! My swing, alas, was a victim of two teething puppies and she did get dumped.
    Good to hear from you again!

  2. That turned out super great!!! Love the bunting!

  3. So glad she wasn't dumped! She turned out really cute and you'll probably will enjoy her much more!

  4. I was just about ready to get rid of my metal swing until I saw what you did, I think she still has some life left in her if I give her a makeover! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. That's a great transformation! I'm so glad to see you posting again. :)

  6. That looks great--- I love the banner and the pillows too--especially that W pillow!

  7. She's a really pretty girl now :) Great make-over! I bet she likes her new style too :D Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  8. You think like me... spray paint is the best little quick fix 'er upper ;-) Love the pillows and banner - nice little touches like this make it so much prettier!

  9. Amazing art work. I love the glider and banner and pillows, too. GREAT fabric- xo Diana