Friday, August 3, 2018

Introducing the "Moses Taylor Farmhouse"

Wow!  I can't believe what a long blogging break I have taken.  The farmhouse renovation is long since done, or as done as it ever will be.  Life has had some twists and turns and we are spending a lot of time away from this haven in the country.  But this old house still holds a special place in our hearts.

We decided it was too sweet to keep all to ourselves and we dubbed it the "Moses Taylor Farmhouse" after it's first owner.  We now share it as a vacation rental on VRBO.  People from all walks of life - city dwellers included - can get a taste of life in a small town and spend life in the slow lane for a minute or two.

Its been fun to look back and see all the progress and changes that have happened on our journey.  But things are just beginning and there is a big surprise on the horizon! 

Here is a recap and few of my favorite before and after photos....


New wrap around porch right where it belongs...

It's a little hard looking back at the starting point of the kitchen...

The tear out phase is always the hardest,  Jay's face says it all...

Making progress,   much better

And a fully functional kitchen sink and dishwasher...

Here's a before and after of the stove area, yikes!

                     ......and now.....

OK I'm going to stop for now, my head is beginning to spin from looking back.  I'll share the pantry and staircase remodel soon, they have to be my favorite part of the renovation.  You can find a link to all of our remodel posts in the sidebar under the "Remodel" tag.

Click here for our listing on VRBO and come stay with us for a weekend or two!

What a blast to look how far we have come and how this house has now reinvented itself into the Moses Taylor Farmhouse.



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