Our Town

You really can't completely understand our house renovation without knowing a little bit about the town where it grew up.  The most extraordinarily ordinary things happen here everyday.   This is where I attempt to capture those moments and share with you the fascinating people who make them happen.

Welcome to Our Town

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Thomas L. Allen House at Halloween
Tablesetting Contest
Coalville Demolition Derby
Echo Triathlon
Super Cruise Car Show
The Potty Shed

Henefer on Parade

What's in your pocket?
It's so tweet!
What's up at the milk barn?
Miss Popularity
Old Antique Shop
Unexpected Elegance

If WindowsCould Talk

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  1. Donkey basketball! So funny.

  2. Hi Lynn! My name is Lana. I've been talking to Troy Wixsom about my sister's house in Coalville. He shared your blog with me, and I loved the section on "Our Town". The house is back on the market, so I will be there showing it to potential buyers soon. I hope to have a chance to meet you.
    Best wishes!