Why I Blog...

Jump back to 2011.  Our old house in the country had been a rental for years and had definitely seen brighter days.  We planned to sell it and just move on.....
but the nagging thought of his 1902 farmhouse just kept popping into our minds.   There was history there..... a history that deserved to be told. The vision of what could be just wouldn't go away.

So we packed up and moved to the country for a few years and began the long process of peeling back the years.  

Originally I started this blog thinking I would chronicle the progress of our remodeling projects.  But the more I wrote the more I realized I was the one being transformed by the magic of small town life. The people here are real, the community is close and extraordinarily ordinary things happen every single day in this town.

Now we share our place in the country with others who want to slow down and step back in time.  People from all over have come to experience an authentic taste of life when things were more simple.  You can come stay a weekend, a month or all summer if you like.  Just click the link to our booking site and come see what we're talking about!


  1. Love this! Who'd have thought you are really in mid-life before we really begin to 'grow' and I can't wait to check out the rest of your blog. I'm a new fan!

  2. Hi Lynn - I came upon your blog while looking at "A country farmhouse". I can totally relate to starting a new task while in the middle of an existing one. I guess that's how we get many things done at once :)

  3. Hi Lynn, Thanks for the inspiration! We started over 5 years ago in small town Michigan. An 1884 farmhouse on 12 wonderful acres. Unfortunately the home's identity was lost to volumes of 1970's "improvements", but we're committed to restoring all that was lost. It's a lot of work, but all worthwhile things are. We can't be the greatest nation on Earth when we're abandoning, or tearing down the hand-built homes of our ancestors, and replacing them with homes of inferior quality and materials. Hopefully more people will connect to what you've discovered. Blowing life into something of value is an investment in ourselves. Thanks! -Warren